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I've always looked forward to Black Friday, as I think does most of the U.S. There's just something really exciting about getting out there on what is the biggest sale day of the year, out among the other throngs of shoppers, and scoring massive Black Friday Deals on holiday gifts for the entire family. 

I can't wait to see the Black Friday deals from my favorite department stores like Kohl's, like the Amazon Fire Stick and Skull Candy Wireless Earbuds (need a pair of these for all three of the older children). Kohl's offers everything from clothing, shoes and home goods to all of the popular tech gifts, so it's always one of my favorite Black Friday destinations. 

Honestly, there are going to be so many great deals that it will be really hard to stick to my budget. But that's why I am going to be strategic and try to plan out ahead as best as I can. 

With that in mind, I'd love to share some tips to help you stay on track on what will sure be a crazy Black Friday. These are the same tips that I will be following so that I can stay on budget while crossing off as many gifts off my Holiday Shopping List as possible. 


Make a list and stick to it:

While Black Friday is the time to score some of the best deals of the year, you don't need to buy everything that's on sale. Make a list that not only includes all of your holiday gifts, but include all of the other items you've been waiting specifically to shop on Black Friday: television, new coffee maker, etc. 

Narrow your stores down so you won't get overwhelmed:

It's easy to go mad when you're trying to track down every single sale. This is where I cherry pick my favorite stores and plan ahead by signing up for sale emails, download the ads and write my list out as I go. 

Shop online and in-store:

While you do have to go in-store for certain deals, I still do the majority of my shopping from the comfort of my computer. I love nothing more than a good sale and always look for online coupon codes and extra coupons that I can stack on top of my savings. 

That's my top tip for anytime of the year in fact, not just the holiday season, always look for online coupons codes when shopping online.

Make it fun:

Black Friday should not be a day of stress, it should be a fun shopping day that you and the family can actually enjoy together. We usually leave the smaller children home and anyone over 12 can head out with us.

We start by buying our favorite holiday beverages and then hit out favorite department stores, lists in-hand and ready for the start of the holiday season. Sometimes we will only be out 2-3 hours and other times we will be out all day, either way we like to make it as stress-free and fun as we can. 

What are some of the Black Friday Deals you hope to score this year?