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Spending Quality Time with Each of Our Pets

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A few months ago we took the Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge and today I want to share an update on Aqua, who has continued on with Purina ONE® food. I also want to share a few tips for spending quality time with your cat when you have a multi-pet household.

Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge 
See visible differences in just 28 days–like strong teeth, vibrant energy, sparkling eyes, a radiant coat, and more. Shop for Purina ONE® foods at your local Walmart. 

During the 28 days of the challenge we monitored Aqua and really saw some of those visible differences come through. The renewed love of mealtime, vibrant energy and healthy coat and bright eyes were definite standout changes in him. Since then he's only become more energetic and playful while loving mealtime even more than ever.

Aqua is one of three cats and because the other two are females and more assertive, he's always been a bit of a loner and isn't big on being held or even very playful. But in recent months we have discovered that he becomes friendlier when it's almost mealtime. That's when we take advantage of some one-on-one time with him.

Spending Quality Time with Each of Our Pets

Use mealtime as a time to spend extra time with your pet individually - which isn't easy when you have multiple pets and a busy life, but we try to do this a few times a week with each cat.  

Set up the meal station with the bowl and food but instead of serving them right away, it's time for a good brushing and cuddle session. Even if your cat isn't super friendly or into being cuddled, the idea that food will follow and is close by, tends to give them a little push.  

This is also a good time just sit with each of your pets and let them get comfortable with the idea of hanging out with you on their own. You could bring out one of their favorite toys and play with them or you could simply sit and watch them play.  

After some quality time together, now it's time for chow-time and Purina ONE® Tender Selects with Real Salmon, we buy the 7lb bag but there is a larger size available if you want more bang for your buck.

With real salmon as the #1 ingredient in this cat food, you can bet that Aqua loves nothing more than to hear the food hitting his bowl. This is where you can really see one of the major changes in him since taking the Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge - the renewed excitement around mealtime!

The purposeful nutrition in every bag of Purina ONE® helps support healthy energy in cats. We've definitely seen Aquas vitality level enhanced since making the switch. It's always nice to see them become playful and energized, instead of watching them sleep all day.

Digestibility was a really important aspect when switching over, and so far we've not had any issues with his tummy. Purina ONE® dry formulas are highly digestible and promote high nutrient absorption, so more nutrition goes to work inside your cat.

Sparkling eyes, healthy skin, and radiant coat! We've continued to see them all and overall we are very glad that we took the Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge when we did. As a multi-pet parent, I enjoy knowing that I am giving them the best that I can, while still staying on budget and being able to shop at my local Walmart which is only two blocks away. 

I encourage you to take the challenge with your pets too, see below for a great deal to take advantage of while doing so. 

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