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Keeping the Kids Busy When You're Sick

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Life doesn't stop just because you're sick and when you have kids it can get hard to find time to take care of yourself while having to keep the children busy and entertained as well. Today I am going to share some of the ways that I keep my kiddos busy and happy so that I can get a little bit of downtime.

I am also going to share some of the products that I purchase at Ralphs to support my overall wellness.

I have been susceptible to cold sores ever since I can remember and Abreva® Pump Cold Sore and Fever Blister Treatment has been my go-to since it first launched some years ago. I've never fully understood the cause of a cold sore but I know that I am especially likely to get one during the colder months. Between the mixture of really low temps and having to run the heater indoor, I will usually get a few cold sores each winter.

If you've ever had a cold sore you know how uncomfortable the itch, pain and swelling can be. So even though I used to think Abreva® was on the pricey side, it's always been worth every single little penny and I am never without an open tube.

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And now that we have our wellness products at-the-ready, it’s time to get the kiddos busy with fun things to do so they can allow us a little bit of sick time to rest.

Encourage creativity: As a child I loved nothing more than a coloring book, a notebook and some crayons. Now as a mom and grandmother, I love to encourage these kiddos to get creative too. We have a container filled with everything they will need to get those creative juices flowing; they can do everything from color a page from a coloring book to publish their own newspaper, using our printer, blank paper and staples.

By luck my youngest is super creative and she also encourages the younger kids to get into the fun of creating even if it’s just getting the boys to color.

Reading time: There is nothing more joyful than a house full of kids where there is not a sound because all of the kids are busy reading. Reading is another habit that is highly encouraged in our household even if it means having to buy all of the latest books. And there is no better companion on sick day than a good book

Girl time: My daughter Sam is now 13 and so is my grandaughter ( I know, highly strange) and they are the best of friends. Since Sammy’s sisters were so much older than her when she was born she didn’t get a chance to do all those things most girl siblings do with each other but she didn’t actually miss anything because she has her niece, Darlene.

A perfect busy time activity for them when I am not feeling well and getting some rest is girl time activities, like doing their nails and even masking. Yes, thirteen year olds now mask! Sam was actually gifted a set of masks for the holidays and now these girls are practically full-grown teens doing their skincare and nails.

Board game action: While my oldest girls call board games “bored games”, these kiddos are super into them, which is so much fun. They will literally spend hours going through all of their board games, laughing and having a ton of fun with the little boys.

Technology hour: And of course we can’t forget to give the kids a little bit of tech time. Our kiddos love their tablets and iPods as much as other kids but because they also love to do so many other things, they only get an hour of tech time per day. Which is perfect for a little bit of bro on bro racing.

Overall we’ve got some pretty good kids and none of them are babies anymore, so for me it’s not overly hard to keep them busy while I take a sick day, I know it’s much harder when you have small ones. But I hope my tips along with product recommendations can help you stay well this cold and flu season. Find more inspiration and sick day tips at the social hub to help you stay feeling your best.

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