We Took the #PurinaONEDog #28DayChallenge - Sammy Makes Six

We Took the #PurinaONEDog #28DayChallenge

Sponsored post by Mirum. All opinions are my own.

I'd be lying if I said I've always been a dog lover, before Rocky I never had a dog and had ZERO idea how to care for one. But about 4 years ago Rocky came into our life and since then we've been a dog family. We found Rocky as a stray who'd been living in an empty field by my daughters house, and though none of us were looking for a pet, there was no way that we could ignore the small white dog that was on the streets in over 110 degree heat. She was and continues to be a very skittish dog who made it very difficult to catch her. But after about 2 months of coaxing, leaving food our for her and the fact that she took a liking to my mom, we finally caught her. 

She is older in age, the vet estimated she was 8-9 back when we found her, and she is in constant need of a vet. She is incredibly susceptible to dry ears, infections, and has had a few moments where I thought she might be leaving us, but like a champion she manages to get over it and continue on. As she is a very important part of the family we do our best to care for her and do right by her, and that includes giving her food that takes care of her nutritional needs, but that still falls under what we can afford. 

As the years have passed Rocky isn't as energetic as she once was, she could literally sleep all day and because she loves to eat, was overweight. Gone were the days where she would get happy just from seeing us pick up her leash and the happiness from her eyes as we got to the park, her favorite place in the world. We missed that Rocky who could run around in the grass - her little ears perked up at the sounds and her little body running so fast you could barely see her. 

That's why joining the #PurinaONEDog #28DayChallenge was actually pretty exciting for us, I really wanted to see if Purina ONE® would actually make a difference in our pup. Would Purina ONE® Lamb & Rice Formula actually make a discernible difference not just in Rocky's outward appearance, but in how she feels and her energy levels? We headed to Walmart with our $3 off Purina ONE® coupon and grabbed a bag of Purina ONE® SmartBlend Lamb & Rice Formula for her.

Purina ONE® SmartBlend Lamb & Rice Formula Dog Food

● Every ingredient has a purpose.
● Real meat is the #1 ingredient, delivering 100% nutrition with 0% fillers.
● Smart nutrition that’s inspired by nature and advanced by research.
● Crafted in Purina-owned USA facilities for unparalleled quality and safety.

We have kept a daily, one second diary of Rocky's progress throughout the challenge (press full screen to see the video larger) and as you can see, there is quite a visible difference in her well-being. As the days progress not only is she more energetic, she looks happier and perkier. By the middle of the challenge she is breaking away from the leash and wants to run around on her own to discover what all the smells and noises are. 

You can even see a difference in how bright her eyes are and how happy she is to be out and about. We don't even have to drive to the park anymore because she is happy to walk back and forth to get there, something she's not always been a fan of. 

While Purina ONE® will not turn back the hands of time and bring Rocky back her youth, the nutritious benefits in it have made a visible difference. In fact, changing her over to this food has made a difference for all of us because we are all getting in on the outdoor action, taking a short walk in the late morning and a longer walk each evening to the park.

We all feed our pets every single day but now I realize that what we put in that bowl really does make a difference. We've watched Rocky go from being a dog who loved to run around and who didn't ever want to leave the park into one who only wanted to go out to the yard for potty breaks. All these changes we attributed to her older age and declining health. But these past 28 days have shown us how amping up the nutrition levels in her food really does make an incredible difference. 

Rocky is an integral part of our family and it's been a joy to see the visible changes Purina ONE® has made. Because Purina ONE® is part of the Purina family, it's still affordable and super accessible during one of our many Walmart trips. I love that giving her better nutrition isn't going to cost the moon and stars, and yet it's made such a difference.

You've seen the changes in our pup, now it's time for you to join the #PurinaONEDog #28DayChallenge with your dog or cat. More than a bowl of food, Purina ONE® is full nutrition to help fuel your pet’s full potential.  Don't forget to grab the $3 off coupon for your first bag Purina ONE®!