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Say “I Love You” to Your Cat

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Suddenly, after many years of not having any pets at all I have now become the mother of cats. It began with the first cat which was brought to me after the owner sent her to the pound. Being the softie that I am, I could not let this poor kitten go to a high-kill shelter. She was only the beginning of this new cat lady life - because soon after not only was I feeding the stray cats in the area, but I also took in a mom who was about to have her kittens. 

Now I have a house full of cats and while it can be quite the chore to keep them all clean, fed and happy - it's also very rewarding. These cats, especially the kittens who were born here and only know this home and us, are more than just pets, they are family. These are just a few of the ways that we let them know we love them, even though there are so many of them and it can be hard!

PLAY TIME : Cats are very playful creatures and love a good toy. I like to pick up a few toys for them every time I visit PetSmart to buy them food. While we have run the gamut of toys, I find that they love little rolling balls and mice the most. 

As cats get older and they are fixed they do tend to get on the lazy side, ours would just love to lounge about all day. That's why having a selection of toys to get them moving about is also important. They can literally spend hours upon hours rolling the little balls around, something they enjoy doing in the middle of the night. 

CUDDLE TIME: Cats might seem like they don't need a whole lot of one-on-one attention but the more I get to know them the more I have learned that they actually love it. While a few of the kittens are pretty standoffish, a few of the others love a good cuddle session. 

Long haired cats specifically need a lot of upkeep but it's easy enough to keep their fur in check with a daily brush session which turns into a scratching session. 

SHOPPING AT PETSMART: I love it when I can find a one stop store that has everything I need and PetSmart is definitely the place to shop if you have pets. Here I can pick up everything from food to cat liter and not spend my time going from store to store. 

Stock up on your cat’s soon-to-be favorites: When shopping at PetSmart I always make sure to add some extras for all the cats. There is nothing that your cat will enjoy more than Fancy Feast Filets, Broth and Appetizers. If you've not seen these before, they have them in the area where the cat treats are and are an amazing way to complement your cat's meals, in a really delicious way. 

Fancy Feast® complements are not intended to be fed as a complete meal, these are small sides that can be served as an appetizer, as a snack in between regular meals, or as part of a meal. 

Our cats favorites are: FANCY FEAST Broths Tuna Whitefish Shrimp Classic which we like to serve them before their dry food. Oh, they love this broth!! From the minute that they see us serving their little bowls with the broth they get so excited. 

If your cats have a diet of all or mostly dry food, I highly suggest letting them try the FANCY FEAST Broths Tuna Whitefish Shrimp Classic. I guarantee you that your cat will know you love them when you feed them this yummy broth. 

Their second favorite is the Purely Fancy Feast Filets Natural Tuna filets, talk about a treat! You can flake it on top of your cat’s dry food, break it into a tender treat, or even serve it whole. Each filet is substantial enough that it makes a great snack and they love them. 

Purely Fancy Feast Filets Natural Tuna filets are perfect for delighting your cat at snack time, mealtime, anytime!

Our cats are family and even though there are so many of them, it's important that they all feel loved and wanted. They honestly don't require a whole lot other than a roof over their heads and food. But it's nice to be able to give them more, especially when it's as easy as adding Fancy Feast®  gourmet complements to their meals and a little bit of one-on-one attention. 

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