Heading Back-to-School With Cute School Gear - Sammy Makes Six

Heading Back-to-School With Cute School Gear

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I can't believe how quickly summer has just flown by. In 3 1/2 weeks, our kids are headed back to class, which means it's back-to-school shopping time! I actually really do look forward to shopping for a new school year with Sammy. She is the last of my kids and she is my last go at the whole back-to-school thing. She's going into 6th grade this year, so I do have six more years to go, but if you're a parent then you know how quickly the years pass by. Needless to say, I enjoy the back-to-school season and having this time with my child to prepare her for a new school year. 

Plus, who doesn't love to go shopping! We love taking a few full days to hit the mall and slowly go through the list of items she needs. And of course we always have to make a stop at her favorite store, Justice. I have been shopping at this store since my older girls were young and it was called Limited Too. That was also their favorite store, which is why it was no surprise when Sammy turned 7 and decided that this is where she wanted to do the majority of her shopping as well. 

As usual, Justice has hit it out of the park when it comes to the back-to-school selection. Sammy was lucky enough to receive a few items as part of this campaign, and she is in love with everything. These are probably the very same items she would have picked in-store for herself. 

She received the: 
Ombre Foil Dot Initial Backpack Sammy's favorite, but it's not just cute. It's super practical for her school life and everything she needs in a backpack to get her through the entire year. 
Ombre Foil Dot Initial Lunch Tote: under $13 and the perfect size for a lunch and snack, plus extra drinks. 
Ombre Foil Dot Initial Water Bottle: A must-have at Sammy's school. We live in a very hot area which requires a few water bottles a day. Now she can take her own bottle, less waste and more affordable than purchasing water bottles.
Ombre Foil Dot Initial Pencil Case: what a cute way to store her pencils and erasers. 

She also received a graphic tee with a cute and colorful design. Sam loves Justice Graphic Tees and this one just makes her happy. It'll definitely be a fun one for her to wear on free-dress days at school. 

Let's talk about the Ombre Foil Dot Initial set and how cute it is! Sammy is all about that sparkle and having her initial on her backpack, lunchbox and even her water bottle is pretty darn cool. 

The Ombre Foil Dot Initial Backpack (available in 13 initials) is Sammy's favorite. Because her school is uniform-only, her backpack is one of the only ways she can show off her personal style and each year she always picks something super fun and cute. The Ombre Foil Dot Initial Backpack is not just cute though, it has padded straps for comfortable toting, her backpack is super heavy year round so this is very important. It has two side pockets, again important for water bottles and drinks. It has a very large front pocket that will fit her daily folder and loads of room inside. And, look at that pompom - that will definitely perk up her navy school uniform. 

This is the face of a happy girl who is super thrilled with her colorful and vibrant, sparkly back-to-school goodies. It's going to be fun to look for other matching school supplies.

With her new backpack, cool graphic tee and Justice jeggings, she now has the perfect outfit for free-dress days and can't wait for the first one. 

My favorite part about shopping at Justice with Sammy is that she is able to show off her personality and different styles. Whether it's a dress for the school awards program or her everyday sporty gear, we can find it all in one place, and most of the time we score some amazing deals! So definitely - stop on by next time you're in the mall. Or better yet, run on over because the girl backpacks are going to be so popular, you can't wait till last minute!

Find all the Justice items we have shared in this post online or in-store. We will be stopping by this weekend to pick up my granddaughters backpack and she's already eyeing the Unicorn Flip Sequin one. It's going to be a fun shopping trip for sure.