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Tips For Keeping The Peace Between Cats At Feeding Time And Getting A Good Value

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If you've been with my blog for a bit then you have probably ready the story of my three black cats and their mom who we rescued on their way to the pound. Then how our cat family became larger last year after one of the stays I feed came to us the day she went into labor, then giving birth to 5 kittens. 

Most people will unite one or two cats with an existing pet, but we had the daunting task of meshing two large families. Cats are pretty territorial and in the beginning we weren't sure what to do with so many of them under one roof and such a limited amount of space. Things can get especially tricky when it's time to eat. Today I will be sharing some of the things that helped us mesh these two families together and how we keep the peace at meal times 

Tips For Keeping The Peace Between Cats At Feeding Time And Getting A Good Value

Stretching out my budget: One of the most important things about feeding so many cats is making sure I stretch my money. A few years ago we got out first local Dollar General and it's just two blocks away from home which makes it easy for me to pop in for necessities.

Convenience: My mornings are incredibly hectic which makes having a Dollar General so close to home super convenient. I can pop in quickly, grab their food plus a gallon of milk (which we always happen to be out of) and be out the door in minutes. 

My main purchase is a 9Lives Daily Essentials® Bonus Bag that will feed the army of cats at home for a good 6 days. With Daily Essentials, I can give out cats the nutrition they need. 9Lives Daily Essentials® cat food delivers nutrition that helps support heart health, clear vision, strong muscles, and healthy skin and coat.

The 9Lives Daily Plus Care® line is geared toward older cats: as a cat gets older his nutritional needs change. His food should ensure that he'll stay well and stay regular. 9Lives Plus Care® cat food helps support digestive health and a hearty immune system.

9Lives® Paté Favorites Variety Pack: Smooth and Satisfying® 9Lives® Meaty Paté makes a tasty dinner with smooth ground meat, fish or poultry. This is the favorite!

If you have cats then you know how much they love the sound of you arriving home with fresh bags of cat food. 

The kittens especially are very playful and never stop, that's why they're always hungry. At feeding time I have to make sure that they all get their portion and that they can eat in peace. If they rush to eat they can spit up later so it's important that they all have enough space and time to enjoy their meals.

Separating the two cat families: This is the best way I have found to feed them. I will feed the black cats when Fluffy and her babies are having their naps in the garage. With the other cats safely locked in another room, I can serve up bowls of 9Lives® Paté for Blue, Green and Aqua and they can enjoy their meals at leisure. 

About an hour later when the fluffies wake up it's time for them to take their turn at breakfast. It's funny to see how these younger cats always celebrate meal times, they get so excited to eat and you'd swear they haven't eaten in days by go happily they go about it.

When we had only one cat we used to give her 9Lives® Paté all the time, but this can get very expensive. With so many cats to feed now, we give them dry food the majority of the time and wet food  just a few times a week, and how they look forward to these days!

This 12 pack of 9Lives® Paté was on sale for only $3 this week and Dollar General constantly has sales and coupons so I can give them all their favorite treat and not go broke doing so.

9Lives has all of our cat needs covered. Mom Fluffy usually sneaks her meals with the kittens but I do get her a small bag of 9Lives Daily Plus Care® which is better suited for her digestive health and immune system. 

And that is how we get through meal times at my house with two cat families and without having to stress the money to feed them all. A lot of people might think I am crazy to keep so many cats around but I know Fluffy and her kittens are only with us for a few more months and until then I am more than happy to keep caring for them. They are rambunctious and playful, always making a mess right after I clean up, but they are the sweetest bunch and are always looking for a good scratch. 

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