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How to Help Your Aging Parent Deal w/ More Personal Issues

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We always knew someone would end up taking care of my mom when she got older. This is pretty much the case in most Mexican families, our elders usually stay home with us as they age. My mom is now 80 years old and while her health goes up and down, she's in really great shape. She still takes care of her meals, she still goes out for her walks around the block and she loves watching her daytime television shows.The only part of aging that has been more of a challenge is when she began to go through something she was embarrassed to talk about, even with her physician.

When you come from my moms generation, something like bladder leakage can be quite hard. It wasn't easy for her to first bring it up at her recent checkup and once she did and realized that we, her kids, would be the ones helping her find the right products, she was very embarrassed.

Honestly, I don't think this is something to be so hesitant to talk about, she is getting older and we all know how much our bodies change as we age. Plus, she's our mom and just like she's always taken care of us, we are now here to do the same for her. But she's always been one of those people who relies on her independence, she doesn't talk about certain things and she doesn't want her kids knowing about her more personal issues.

Seeing how uncomfortable she was about having to deal with it, I decided to prepare a basket filled with products to help her have a more comfortable night's rest, and include a product to help her deal with the issue. This way she can try the product without us having to go shopping with her for it, and she can get comfortable with the idea that from now on we're going to include it in her shopping trips. No embarrassment necessary.

Putting Together a Thoughtful Nighttime Caregiving Basket

I included a box of TENA® Overnight Underwear for overnight protection from leaks. I also picked out a new pajama set in a very soft and comfortable fabric. My mom doesn't like spending money on things like a beautiful new pajama, but I think nothing helps you sleep better than a new pj every few months and why not treat her to one that she will be super comfy in. 

I also found a pair of fuzzy slipper socks that perfectly compliment the pajamas for only four bucks. What a steal, right? I made sure that they are the no-slip kind of socks so that she will be safe to walk around in her room without fears of slipping. 

Lastly, I included a new tea mug and some of her favorite nighttime tea, vanilla chai. This is something I can't wait to share with her because it smelled delicious. 

With just a few and easy selections, I was able to put together a really nice nighttime basket for my mom that includes a product she was not super comfortable buying in front of us. Now she will be protected at night and not have to suffer any further discomfort or embarrassment should there be any accidents. 

If your  aging parent or anyone you might be caregiving for is having incontinence issues but is embarrassed to deal with it, I suggest talking about them first. A lot of times all it takes is for someone to bring up the subject to make the other person comfortable about sharing something so personal. Then you can discuss options for them, or you can create a basket for them like this one, and include a product for them to try out. 

Caregiving for an aging parent or anyone else is not easy, there are so many responsibilities. But at the end of the day I am happy with the help that I am able to provide my mom and that even after 5 strokes and countless hospitalizations, she is still with us. Thanks to her doctors, her Medicare plan and her medications, she is probably going to outlive us all!