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How To Make the Perfect Icy Beverage

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As you know our family loves a good road trip and there is no better friend to a road tripper than the gas station market. Getting out of the car after hours on the road to pick up a few snacks and beverages really is one of the best parts about any road trip, especially when you can make your Coca-Cola into the perfect icy drink. 

If you love Coca-Cola brand drinks as much as we do then you're in for a treat because I am going to show you how you can take that regular bottle of Coca-Cola, POWERADE® or Sprite® and turn it into an icy masterpiece by using the Arctic Coke machine inside Chevron Stations. (select locations)

Using the Arctic Coke cooler:

1) Choose the Coca-Cola beverage of your choice
2) Slowly tilt the beverage upside-down, the right side up
3) Place beverage on the platform
4) Press the button and watch the Icy Magic happen 

The Arctic Coke cooler keeps the air just below freezing, keeping each bottle inside at the perfect temperature, so with the simple press of a button you can enjoy an icy version of your favorite Coca-Cola beverage. The neat part is how you can see the transformation from liquid to ice happen before your eyes, we were so excited we had to make a few extra. 

Doesn't this Coca-Cola look absolutely perfect! I swear, it tasted even better than a regular Coca-Cola, the icy pieces of ice making it such a nice treat. Living in Socal we enjoy icy style beverages all the time which means I can come back to Chevron Station to enjoy another Arctic Coke Coca-Cola next time I am passing by. They're so good, I def recommend finding an Arctic Coke in your area and making your own icy beverage.

Find out how the folks over at Coca-Cola made the Arctic Coke Cooler come to life by watching this video. And don't forget to stop by Chevron to make your own icy Coca-Cola!