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A Seriously Indulgent Break

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Greek Gods Seriously Indulgent Yogurt, all opinions are my own.

It's officially Thanksgiving week and I am sure you're just as busy as I am. Sure, the kids are off from school this week and it's a holiday week, but that to-do-list seems longer than ever.

Just check out a few of the items on my list for the week:
Vet visit for Havoc & Anti-Havoc
Take car to dealership Tuesday for recall appointment
Shop for Thanksgiving meal at two different stores
Take mom for follow up appointment
Black Friday planning and shopping

All this on top of taking care of kids who are at home and need to be fed and entertained. It is after all a holiday week for them and as any good parent does, I also have to make sure we do tons of fun stuff and that they have a really great holiday. We plan on hitting the movie theater on Thursday and will head to Knott's on Friday to see the park lit up for the holidays.

It's really is one of the best weeks of the year, but it's also a very busy week and this mom could sure use a break. Let me show you how you can have the most indulgent of breaks, even if all you have is 15 minutes to yourself. I have found the most delicious, indulgent snack and you need to get in on the action.

Just head to your local Walmart and in the refrigerated section look for Greek Gods Seriously Indulgent Yogurt.  These 5.3 oz. single servings are the perfect way to indulge in a moment just for YOU.  Available in a variety of flavors, with a thick and creamy texture, this yogurt makes me feel like I am having a full-fledged dessert. Each cup is so thick and creamy, with tons of fruit on the bottom, you're going to love it.  

Seriously Indulgent Yogurt is made with whole milk and cream. Like other yogurts, it has live and active cultures and calcium. But this is a yogurt you will want to take time to enjoy and savor.

My current favorite is the Raspberry Ginger and I can't wait for my store to stock the Lemon flavor. I am seriously sneaking in a few single serving cups every time I visit Walmart and because no one in the family knows how decadent and delicious they are, no one steals them away. Are you ready to try Seriously Indulgent Yogurt? Using the Ibotta deal below, you can try two different flavors, basically free. Check it out.

$1.50 back on purchase of 1 Seriously Indulgent Yogurt cup. Can redeem up to 2x on the same receipt.

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Shoppers earn $3 movie credit with validated purchase of 2 units.
Must validate Walmart receipt by uploading it via microsite to www.ggvudu.com or via text to ggvudu@uploadreceipt.com.

Try two Seriously Indulgent Yogurt cups for $3, get your $3 back, and then get an addition $3 VUDU credit. Pretty cool right?