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Fall Decor Tips For Cat Owners

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If you follow me on social media then you know I am a big cat lover. I didn't used to be a "cat lady", at least not as of a few years ago, but cats have a way of coming into our lives unexpectedly. It starts with one cat, then a second, and before you know it you are rescuing entire cat families. That's exactly how Fluffy and her babies came into our lives. 

In July one of the stray cats I feed came to my door, literally, asking for help. This was her second litter and the minute that I saw the opportunity to give this new litter a shot at life, as well as her, I took it. We brought her in and within minutes she had five kittens, who are now 4 months old and thriving. 

It gets expensive and sometimes tiring to have so many pets in one household, and I know this 6 cat family will soon have to be separated. But in the meantime we are enjoying the new fall season and looking forward to the holidays. 

I recently updated my decor from summer to fall and if you have pets you probably know how hard it is to decorate when all they want to do is "play" with everything. That's why I don't put up as much stuff as I usually do, but for the sake of my kids I do like to change things up. Keep reading and at the bottom of the post I will share some fall decorating tips for you feline owners out there.

FYI: we also have three cats that are about 1 1/2 years old, that's a lot of cats in one house! I love my cats, and for me taking care of their needs is always important. I enjoy shopping for them as much as I love shopping for my grandkids, and take their nutritional needs seriously when it comes to feeding time. This weekend I did the Petco run and stocked up on some of their favorite treats, including toys.

At Petco you can stock up on all your pet needs, starting with their food. When it comes to giving these cats a truly nutritional meal that they will love, I love picking up some Purina® Muse® foods, including dry and wet food. 

If you are a pet lover, Petco is a great place to stop by and browse on a weekly basis. We often make a trip with our dog and enjoy checking out the sales. This week my store had a BOGO 50% off on cat toys, which was the perfect excuse to get the kittens some of their favorite balls.

Purina Muse cat food selections are made with natural ingredients featuring a taste even finicky cats won't be able to resist. I picked up a bag of Charmed with Chicken dry food, which has a Natural Chicken, Egg & Pumpkin recipe that has all the essential nutrients my cats need.  With Accents of Spinach and real chicken as the #1 ingredient, you bet that they finish every bite.  

It's best not to change up your cats food all the time, but I love giving mine a wet food treat at least twice a week, to supplement their everyday dry food. From the minute they see the wet food containers, they get really excited. I love seeing all that real chicken in their bowls and seeing them get so excited over their meal. 

The kittens love these Purina Muse recipes in broth that have huge pieces of real meat in broth. These are made with real hand-filleted fish or chicken. They have no corn, no wheat or soy added, and have natural and essential nutrients. Do you see the size of those pieces of chicken?

Fluffy loves the Purina Muse Paté recipes with real fish or poultry as the #1 ingredient and no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. They must be delicious, because she gets so excited when it's her day to enjoy one. 

If your cats have never tried Purina Muse foods you can now treat them to a free sample. There are free samples of Purina Muse wet and dry cat food available while supplies last. You can text Muse to 62066 to claim a free sample! Also, look out for a new range of Masterpieces Dry Formulas coming in February of 2018!

Is your cat picky? Purina Muse is so confident that your cat will love their Muse food they offer a Clean Plate Guarantee. Take Muse for a taste drive, risk free, with the Clean Plate™ Guarantee. If your cat says no, they'll return your money!

Tips For Fall Decorating 

I love to decorate for every season and holiday but I do have to admit that a house full of energetic kittens tends to put a crimp into decorating any part of the house. Already, a lot of my cute, everyday decor pieces have been broken as the kittens test their limits by jumping on every available surface.

Usually for Halloween and fall I put up a tree filled with glitter baubles, a lot of hanging pieces and a lot of breakables, including candles and glass. Not anymore. Cats are like babies, you have to cat-proof your home and make sure that you're not just wasting your money on things that will get broken, but taking their safety into mind as well. 

  • No glass or breakables - says the woman who lost all her glass and ceramic items to the kittens already. Now I only buy plastic. LOL. 
  • No glitter - chunky glitters can get into cats eyes or they can swallow it and get hurt.
  • Nothing heavy that can hurt your cat if it falls - how many times do you hear something heavy fall and run into the room to see if anyone is dead? Every piece of fall decor I purchased had to be nice and light, including a few wooden signs. 
  • No lit candles in glass jars, you can buy pre-lit plastic candles which will still give a room that same candle-lit effect without the danger.

Bright pops of fall color can make a big change in any room, even if you're only adding a piece here and there. I chose items in really bright pops of orange, green and wine to really give my living area a fall feel without adding more clutter.

One good thing about plastic is that it's cheaper. This year's plastic pumpkins, flowers and other decor cost me loads less than I usually spend. 

This fall my home is not as decked out as usual, and it's going to be the same at Christmas. But with a few items here and there we still achieved a fall-feel, while knowing the cats can't break anything and they won't hurt themselves. 

 We're looking forward to enjoying the remainder of fall and the holidays right after. I've always believed in "the more the merrier" and this year we definitely have, more. When 2018 arrives, we'll have to make some hard decisions, but for now we will enjoy the season together as a big family. 

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