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Tips For Living a More Balanced Lifestyle with Milk

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Now that the back-to-school season is upon us things are even more hectic than usual. Since I work from home I am in charge of getting all of the kids to and from school, this includes three different schools and three different start and end times. Because my household depends on me, it is also super important that I get as much work done each day as possible while still taking care of the household and pets. Add appointments for the grandchildren, my daughter and my mom to the mix and you have what is an incredibly hectic schedule each and every day. 

So how do I keep my family healthy, energized and ready to face each a busy day? I find one of the things that is most important for keeping my family feeling their best is to make sure that we're leading a well balanced life. They already spend 7 hours at school and 2 more on homework, so I try to balance that out by making sure they have after school activities as well as down-time. Something else that is super important in making sure that we are all at our best is making sure we are all getting more nutrients and vitamins in our diet.

An easy way to ensure that my family is getting the nutrients their bodies need is by ensuring that our fridge is always stocked with plenty of milk. As I've always shared, my family (kids and adults alike) really loves milk so it's never been a struggle for me to get them to drink it. These kids actually reach into the fridge when they get home from school to get a glass of milk instead of reaching for something sugary and that's something I know I can feel really good about.

Tips For Living a More Balanced Lifestyle with Milk

1) Stock up on milk: with two kids in this house +3 others that are constantly dropping by we are definitely multi milk gallon family. On Sundays I usually pick up 2 gallons of milk and will have to return for at least one more later on in the week.

Milk is a simple way to get natural, high-quality protein plus other nutrients kids need to help power through the day’s activities with a taste they love. And did you know dairy milk protein is a complete protein? Most plant proteins are incomplete, which means they’re missing some of the amino acids your body needs.

2) Start the day with an 8-oz glass of milk: We start each morning with milk, whether it be in a bowl of cereal, in a fruit smoothie or even a glass of cold milk on the side of a plate of scrambled eggs and toast. Milk has 8 grams of protein in every 8 ounce glass and it's a great way to begin the day.

Milk is a simple, wholesome and affordable way to help your little one get natural protein and balanced nutrition. Milk has 9 essential nutrients (like potassium, vitamin D, calcium and high-quality protein) that can help your kids grow strong. In fact, diary milk is the top food source for three of the four nutrients most likely missing from American’s – including kids’ – diets, calcium, vitamin D and potassium.

On those really busy days when I can't sit down to breakfast, I make sure to serve an 8-oz glass of milk alongside my coffee and that keeps my stomach going until I can get some breakfast. 

3) Incorporate milk into snack time: My days get so busy that it's easy to skip meals and snack times. But that downtime is so important for both kids and adults. When the kids get home from school they immediately reach for an 8-oz glass of milk and a snack. I try to pencil in a few minutes for myself daily too.

Moms, you need to take a break each day too! Grab an 8-oz glass of ice-cold milk, a banana (or a pb&J) and your favorite book for at least 20 minutes of downtime. Just this small break will help you feel re-energized and ready to keep going. 

When it comes to giving my family the nutrients they need, it's as easy as making sure we have milk in the fridge. With no sugar added, this fresh from the farm product is as good as it gets when it comes to giving these kiddos the best.

What if you could give your kids a nutrient-rich, delicious, farm fresh beverage with natural protein and no sugar added – all for about a quarter per serving? Surprise – it’s something that’s likely already in your fridge – white milk!