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Strong Moms Raising Strong Kids

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags.

Hefty® is celebrating strong moms who tackle strong messes on a daily basis. Just like Hefty®’s trash bags, today’s moms are Ultra Strong in everything they do and today I want to share about the things in life that have made me a stronger mom.

What is an Ultra Strong™ Mom? I think all moms are inherently strong, they have to be. The job of mom isn't for the faint of heart. As a mom you are the person who has to stay cool headed and handle whatever the kids might have gotten into. Motherhood makes you a stronger version of yourself, especially when something comes along that you weren't planning on, like a divorce. One day you go from being a stay-at-home mom who hasn't worked in 5 years to raising those 4 kids on your own, wondering how you're going to do it. How will you pay for: rent, food, bills, the car and take care of the kids all by yourself?

When you're a single parent raising kids without the help of the second parent, it's hard and scary. But those are the years that changed me as a person and I wouldn't take them back. Would I do a few things differently? Of course, no parent is perfect and there are many things I would change. But I would not change the divorce, not raising the girls on my own and not the difficulty of those years, because those are the years that molded me into a stronger and better mom for them.

As a strong woman and mom, I always did my best to teach my girls to be be strong in their lives too. Life can get messy and painful, and I have tried to prepare my children to deal with whatever may come their way with strength and dignity. And while I wish for their lives to always be easy so that they don't have to struggle, I know that is not how life works. They will have their ups and downs just like I did, but maybe they will be better prepared to deal with problems and make smart, strong decisions.

The best way to teach kids to be strong is by setting a good example for them, I hope that I've done a good enough job doing that for them.

As a strong mom who's taking care of a busy and large household, I rely on strong products to make my life easier. For the second year in a row, WWE superstar John Cena and his co-star, Carol Cena, his real-life mom, are reminding consumers that Hefty® has the best bags ever at a lower price than the competition.

Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags have ARM & HAMMER™ patented odor neutralizer to tackle tough odors, and active tear resistant technology for better puncture-resistance. They're so strong, they can even handle last night's pizza boxes without tearing. The fresh, invigorating scents, including Clean Burst™, Tropical Paradise™, Lavender & Sweet Vanilla™, White Pine Breeze™, Crisp Orchard Apple™, Citrus Twist™, Pomegranate Mist™ and Scent Free make changing the trash a more pleasant experience, plus my kitchen always smells better.

The break resistant grip drawstring that prevents the bag from falling inside the can has to be my favorite feature, no more having to pull the bag back out from inside the garbage can, which can be a constant problem with other trash bags. If you have kids who don't even look into the can when throwing trash away, you know how nice it is to have a bag that doesn't need constant adjusting. I personally don't enjoy having to clean the inside of the can all day because it's covered in yogurt.

Mom knows best, Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags tackle strong messes in my house, and they're the ones I recommend to my kids. Click this link to see how Carol Cena proves that mom knows best when it comes to ultra-strength and ultra-savings.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags.