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Send Them Back-to-School Smelling Great

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AXE.

If you're raising a teenage boy, then you know they might need extra help learning how to take care of their hygiene. In today's post we're tackling the body odor issue; thanks to AXE for sponsoring this conversation.

If there's one really big difference for me between raising boys and raising girls, it's that boys need a lot more work when it comes to hygiene. It's not necessarily that boys are smellier, they are just so full of energy and always moving, so their body odor catches up to them a lot quicker. That's why as soon as Angel hit 12 years of age, we started buying him antiperspirant and now that he's actually hit puberty and is a real live teenager, we've upgraded to a body spray as well.

As you know the back-to-school season is upon us and part of Angel’s back-to-school shopping was making sure he is stocked up on his hygiene products. While I think that 13 years of age is too young to wear cologne, AXE products are perfect because he really enjoys the scents, they keep him smelling great, and they're also super affordable. Something else that's really important, especially at his age, is that these products help him feel more comfortable in his skin. The teenage years are tough enough as it is, the last thing he needs is to worry about is smelling bad.

I would say that the only thing we have to watch out for when it comes to his use of AXE products is to ensure that he is using them correctly. We want him to be dry and smell fresh and clean, but not like a men's cologne shop.

Today we are sharing the correct way to use AXE products to maintain all-day freshness.  

AXE Signature Gold Antiperspirant Dry Spray and AXE Signature Night Antiperspirant Dry Spray are dry spray antiperspirants. 64% of young guys think body spray and dry spray are the same thing, but these are two totally different products.

Instructions are clearly marked on the back of the bottle. 

Use AXE dry spray to stay dry for up to 48 hours; simply apply AXE dry spray antiperspirant under your arms for sweat protection (in place of an antiperspirant stick).

Next, he will use AXE YOU Body Spray to stay fresh all-day long. AXE body sprays are not meant to be used as antiperspirant, under the arms. This is a body spray that will help him stay fresh all-day long.

You can apply AXE YOU Body Spray in a few ways: apply it in a “7” motion across your chest, and for only as long as it takes to say the word “AXE," or you can spray lightly on your neck and wrists.

The most important thing is not to over-spray. AXE YOU Body Spray goes a long way so only a small spray is needed in each section. This ensures that Angel will smell fresh and clean but not like a cologne factory.

Teaching Angel to spray responsibly has been the only part we've struggled with on this journey into tackling body odor. But I feel him, I know that when I am spraying my favorite perfume, I want to keep spritzing myself for days. But when I'm in the car with all of the kids, they let me know that I have indeed, gone too far.

AXE YOU Body Spray and AXE Dry Spray are playing a big part in helping Angel feel great about himself at his new school. Watching him step into this new age, sometimes a little awkwardly, hasn't been easy. But I know that he will find his footing and his confidence within soon enough.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AXE.