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Watermelon & FUZE® Iced Tea Slushie

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Though summer is not officially here quite yet, it's temperatures have definitely arrived, it's been 97° here all this week and climbing! The heat, coupled with the fact that the kids only have two more days left of school, means that we can start the summer fun even before June 20th (the first day of summer).

What does summer mean for us? Summer means: sleeping in, lazy-long days and a lot of sun and fun with delicious refreshments in between activities. The refrigerator is already stocked with all kids of fresh fruits, drinks, and two whole watermelons which we keep replacing every two days. My entire family really loves sandia, it's a definite summer favorite.

When I was a kid my mom didn't make us flavored drinks using mixes of any sort, being from Mexico where aguas frescas are the norm, she raised us to make our own waters using fresh fruits, ice and a little bit of sugar. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve my moms carne asada, fresh guacamole made in a molcajete and her famous agua de sandia. 

These days I still love agua de sandia but have given it my own spin by mixing fresh watermelon with some of our favorite iced tea. Iced tea is our main drink of summer, it's just so refreshing and not overly sweet, so it's the perfect way to hydrate during the long summer months. The iced tea of choice at the moment is FUZE® Iced Tea which you can find at select Walmart markets. 

Doesn't this slushie looks deliciously refreshing? It's honestly so quick to make that I can prepare a pitcher in just minutes with some of the pre-cut watermelon that we always have in the fridge. 

Watermelon & Iced Tea Slushie

Ingredients for 4-5 servings: 
2 cups cubed seedless watermelon (cold or frozen)
1 1/2 cups of ice
1/2 can of FUZE® Iced Tea any flavor

Place watermelon, ice and FUZE® Iced Tea into blender and blend using the chopped setting in quick bursts. I like to leave bits of the ice in the drink to make it more refreshing. Once each cup is prepared, squeeze half a lime into the drink and blend. If time permits, you can freeze the watermelon for an even icier slushie plus add a bit of sugar. I keep this drink more on the lightly sweetened side but I know someone else might enjoy more sweetness in theirs. 

Listo! We always keep chopped watermelon in the fridge when it's in season, which means that I can make a pitcher of Watermelon & Iced Tea Slushie in minutes. It's so refreshing, with just the right hint of sweetness and that delicious watermelon flavor that always brings me back to my childhood and my moms agua de sandia. By making a quick trip to Walmart once a week I can have all the ingredients to keep the slushies going. This is how I flavor my family's summer days. 

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