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5 Essentials For The Sideline Parent | Even If You're Not a Natural At It

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This post is for those parents who might not be the best at being a sideline parent. When my older girls were little, we did dance, cheerleading and ballet, but all of those activities were indoors. I didn't have a lot of experience with 7:00 AM practice times on freezing mornings, or the comforts of sitting on wet grass. I look at other parents and grandparents who are so into it, constantly celebrating and cheering from the sidelines, almost as if we were watching a professional game. Don't get me wrong, I love being there for the kids, but let's just say I wasn't born to be a sideline parent. I crave comfort and warmth and I've had to learn to bring those with me to the sideline.

In the beginning all I took with me on game day was a light jacket, I would then spend my time wishing I had brought something warmer to wear, plus something to sit on. Then I would get hangry and wish I had a candy bar or light snack, chiding myself for not throwing some snacks into my bag. As a seasoned parent and grandmother, I know you need to pack snacks and drinks for the kids, but I never remember to pack them for myself. 

Now I come prepared. On game or practice days I pack up my bag with all the comforts of home. Now no matter how long the practice or game, I have a comfortable seating area and all the things I need to enjoy watching the kids. Here are five of my essentials for surviving and actually enjoying being a sideline parent or grandparent. 

5 Essentials For The Sideline Parent

A portable chair: This is a must-have for any sideline parent: this one I learned early one as we always sit where there are zero bleachers. Now with my foldable chair I can comfortably sit anywhere. 

Blanket or warm jacket: Staying warm on those chilly mornings and days, is so important. This is where my Angel Wrap (wearable outdoor blanket) comes into play. It might sound a little silly to own a wearable blanket but when its 7:00 AM and everyone is freezing while you're covered in warm, cozy goodness, you will thank me. 

During the summer my blanket will be replaced with a large umbrella and a portable fan. 

Reading material: There is a lot of waiting in sports, especially on practice days. The only way to stay sane during those moments is to have something to do. You can take a tablet with you, a crossword magazine or a book. I take my e-reader with me which is stocked up with enough books to last me the entire sports season and more. 

Snacks & drinks: RITZ Bits Cracker Sandwiches and POWERADE® keep the munchies and thirst monster away while watching the game. These easy to pack snacks and drinks really help me stay fueled and refreshed so I can cheer the kids on. I like getting the larger packs because I can share with Adrian, my daughters if they are there and other parents.

Camera: Of course the main thing any good sideline parent has to have is a camera for capturing those special sports moments in a childs life. Sometimes I use my phone and sometimes I bring along my camera for even better photos.

Being a sideline parent is a lot more enjoyable when you are prepared. I now keep my bag loaded up in the back of the car and just add the cold drinks the day of. Now, even if I am at the park for a few games in a row, I am prepared. 

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