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LIFE...Brought To You By Advil®

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When I look at my life now I am incredibly thankful for everything that I have and for how easy it is compared to when my mom was my age. At the age of 43 my mom came to the United States to work hard and bring my youngest sister for an operation she desperately needed. My youngest sister was born with a cleft palate and already had a hard life at only two years of age. My mom knew that the US was her only chance, and that is why my family is here today. The US, being the land of opportunity, helped my sister. Within a few years she had a new palate and would finally have a better quality of life, something not possible if we'd stayed in Mexico. 

We were pretty young when we came here and watched my mom work so hard for all of those years that we were growing up. My mom was a housekeeper, she was a nanny, at one time she even worked in the fields. My mom taught us that in life you have to work very hard and that even if you are a single woman with 4 kids, you can and will make it. 

I've also had my share of working very hard, very long hours and days away from my children. But my life has definitely been easier than my moms. Instead of working manual labor I have had the opportunity to work in nice offices, I've been able to travel for work and at the age of 43 I've been able to find a business that lets me work from pretty much anywhere. This week I was able to pack my family up and visit Las Vegas, even while having a lot of work to do. When you work in social media, you're petty much always "on", and it's pretty easy to take this job and do it even while enjoying a family vacation. 

Today I want to share what to pack in your bag when you're about to head on vacation, but still need to work. 

  • cell phone: the number one tool for anybody that works in social media, and honestly the one thing any parent must have with them on a vacation with kids is a cell phone. My cell phone affords me the opportunity to take photographs, work on social media, and record family memories. It also keeps me on track and it keeps me connected to family back home.

  • A laptop: another crucial blogger tool is of course, our laptop. You can do pretty much everything from a phone, but when it comes to sitting down to write posts and even taking care of household things that I have to do on the road, nothing makes it easier than having an actual laptop with you. I've had my MacBook Pro for a few years now and I love how easy it makes my work and how it's small enough to fit in my purse.

  • Camera: having one of my cameras with me is absolutely essential at all times, but especially when going on vacation. I love taking photos of my very large family and capturing memories at all times. But taking a camera with you on vacation also lets you create a lot more content for your blog and social media channels. I have three professional style cameras and one of them is always with me.

  • A planner: being on a working vacation means that I have deadlines due and the only way to keep everything in check is by actually writing it down. In my planner I also plan the days activities for the family along with any other phone calls and things that have to get done for work.

Traveling is headache worthy, especially when traveling with kids. I am that woman that travels not just with my own 9 year old, but with 4 of my grandkids. You read that correct. I am Mexican and for us there is nothing more important than family, which means vacations are crazy and filled with running kids who have to be chased down all day. Most people look at me like I am crazy, but when I look around I will see other Latino families just like mine, and I know that I am not the only one. So how do I do it? 

  • Advil® Tablets: Being prepared with Advil® Tablets in my bag means I can tackle the aches and pains of everyday. Chasing a 3 year old will give anyone aches and pains they've never had before and Advil® Tablets allows my creaky, old body to be able to get up the next day. Advil® Tablets also keep those nasty headaches away that always manage to crop up while on vacation. Nothing ruins a vacation day faster than those awful headaches, but my Advil® Tablets are in my purse to tackle them down before they ruin our fun. Two Advil® Tablets and I am ready to seguir my day.

Picking up a fresh bottle of Advil® Tablets at Walmart is very convenient. I always have a bottle in my bag but especially when I will be going out of town. Whether you have a headache, muscle aches, backaches, menstrual pain, minor arthritis and other joint pain, or aches and pains from the common cold, nothing's stronger or longer lasting than Advil®. *Among OTC brands. *Use as directed.

Life is a ride, that's for sure. It has it's ups and downs and it takes a lot of hard work. But as a strong Latina who had a great role model, I can handle it. I can take my family on vacation and still be a voice for my people through my blog and social media channels, at the same time. 

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