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Shop Safely This Back-to-School Season

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of CHASE. The opinions and text are all mine.

It's no secret that I love to shop, and that most of the time I make my purchases online. I love a mall trip as much as everybody else, but truth be told getting all the kids in the car and driving 45 minutes to my nearest mall isn't something that I can do every week. Online shopping is just a more convenient way to go when you're so busy. When you shop online you can do it at your convenience: you can browse websites slowly, you can comparison-shop between your favorite stores and sometimes the deals are better when you shop online versus in-store. Plus shopping online while you're in bed in your pajamas is a better way to end the day than chasing five screaming kids around the mall. 

But whichever way you choose to shop, whether it be online or in-store there are always dangers that we have to watch out for. I've been a victim of identity theft in the past and I can tell you that getting your financials back on track after something like that is incredibly hard. It's something that affected my credit score, it affected how much money I had in the bank and made me have to work so hard to put things back on track. It's also something really scary. To know that somebody out there has your banking or card information and can just rack up charges to no end is absolutely terrifying. That's why today I want to share some tips that I learned from CHASE so that all of us can protect ourselves when we're doing this year's back to school/fall shopping for the family.

Brittney Castro, a CHASE Financial Education Partner and CHASE have teamed up to share with us smart shopping tips that can help keep us out of frauds way. These are tips that we can use when shopping online or in-store. With so much shopping in my near future, I payed extra attention to her tips and really learned some new information. Did you know it's always best to use the chip readers and not swipe your card? I didn't. I am constantly trying to swipe and find the chip reader to be a pain in the rear. Now, I will be using the chip reader anytime that it's an option. 

Watch the entire Smart Shopping Tips to Protect Against Fraud video below for all of her tips and visit for more tips and information to keep you safe from hackers.  I currently bank with CHASE and have a few of my credit cards with them so it feels great that they are so proactive against fraud and have brought us these very helpful tips. After watching the CHASE Fraud Video I feel like I am more prepared to protect myself the rest of this busy shopping season.