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Fun Things To do Before the End of Summer

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Mirum Shopper, however all opinions are my own.

If you live in California then your children are probably back in school by now. But that doesn't mean that summer has ended, not officially. We still have until the end of next month to enjoy the sun, the sand, and the surf! If you live in California then you know how lucky we are to have so many things to do close by. Today I want to share some of the fun stuff that you can do on the weekends with the kids so that you can enjoy what's left of summer. I'm writing this on a Friday afternoon and I can tell you that we already have plans for both days this weekend. Just because the kids are back in school doesn't mean we have to miss out on the last of the summer adventures. 

the beach: the beach is a must have for all Californians. There's nothing more fun for our kiddos than to get in the car and drive out to the beach for a full day of sun and fun in the water. What's really nice about going to the beach at the very tail end of summer is that most of the crowds have gone away and you can find parking faster and find beaches that are not as packed as they were the last few months. Grab a cooler full of drinks for the kids and head on out for a fun day at the beach! Plus going to the beach is actually super budget friendly.

the pool: most towns have a public pool that you can pay a few bucks to enjoy. While our town is not the biggest we do have a very nice public pool that also gives swimming lessons during the summer.

the roadtrip: on those days that nobody wants to visit the pool or the park there is nothing more fun than just throwing everybody into the car and going for a good old-fashioned road trip. I love myself a good road trip. It's so fun to hit the road and not really have a destination planned. The fun part of the trip is just enjoying the open road and seeing where it will take you.

hiking: I do admit that we are not the biggest fans of nature or exercise, but because we do live in a beautiful area of the mountains, we do like to enjoy a hike here and there. This is a great way to take the kids out and let them really immerse themselves in the beauty of all that nature has to offer. 

the park: there is no better best friend to moms and dads than the local parks. We visit our local parks at least twice a week if not more. Children, especially the smaller ones have so much energy that they need to burn and on a hot summer day there's nothing better than hitting the park. Plus it's really fun when the ice cream man passes by and we can cool off with some yummy nieves

theme park: another perk of living in Southern California has to be the many theme parks in the area. One of the children's favorite places to visit has to be LEGOLAND California Resort. The little boys just went last week to celebrate a birthday and already they are asking when they can go back. Legoland is conveniently located in my hometown of Carlsbad so it's a perfect summer staycation for us. We can head down for a weekend and spend a day there plus the next day at Tamarack Beach, which is my favorite beach of all.

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I see a LEGOLAND staycation coming in the near future, probably as a way to celebrate the official end of summer. And getting the free ticket is going to be super easy because these are all ice cream favorites that my family already loves. Have I mentioned how ice cream doesn't last at my house?

What a great way to cool off this summer with some delicious ice cream and get a few free tickets to one of our favorite destinations. Do your kids love LEGOLAND and ice cream as much as mine do? Take advantage of the #123kidsgofree promotion and I will see you at LEGOLAND!