Summer 2016: Pool Day - Sammy Makes Six

Summer 2016: Pool Day

Here they are, the cute and sometimes awkward pool day shots. The kids started swim class yesterday and as the memory keeper of the family, of course I had to take a lot of photos to commemorate the event. These kids are used to it and they are actually pretty good about it. But it was a good day. Anthony, who we were sure was going to cry because he doesn't love the water and doesn't get in when we go to the beach, did really good. The other kids are on their second chance to pass the 2nd level and we're hoping that this year they make it so they can stop shaming our tribe with their lack of swimming skills. 

Here is to hoping they can get into the groove and get the passing grade next week and here is to the memories that attending this swim class will give them. I have a lot of great memories  of going to the pool in the summer when I was a kid and it's exactly what I wish for them.