Princess Elena of Avalor - Sammy Makes Six

Princess Elena of Avalor

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Last week the kids and I had a viewing party for the new Disney series, Princess Elena of Avalor, the first Latina princess, and I could not be happier that we now have a Latina princess for the girls to look up to. I really keep an eye out for what Sammy watches on television and I always know that she can watch the Disney channel without having to worry. With the new show, Princess Elena of Avalor, she has someone that she can hopefully learn the true qualities of a leader, like being brave, having compassion and strength of character. 

The viewing party was a lot of fun as the kids had been really looking forward to the premiere and they had a blast doing all of the arts and crafts before the show started. 

Kids love parties, even if it's just little ones like this one. We talked all about the Princess Elena of Avalor premiere and how we thought the princess would be. They got to spend fun time coloring, playing crafting and just having some quality time together with each other and a few friends. 

Princess Elena of Avalor also shows how families are important and that's something else I always teach the kids. No one is more important than family and they all have to love each other and be ready to support each other as they get older, always. 

 The new series, Princess Elena of Avalor was a huge hit with the kids and I know it's a series that they will not only enjoy watching in the future, but that will teach them important and positive qualities.

Sammy has now watched the premiere episode of Princess Elena of Avalor a few times and today I asked her what she thinks of the princess and she told me that she thinks Princess Elena of Avalor is very brave. 

That's a quality that is very important for not just Sammy but all young girls to see. 

Right now in the real world, we have a woman who is also very brave, fighting for equality in a world that isn't ready for a woman to lead. These are exactly the type of women that I want Sammy to see, I want her to grow up and know that we can be leaders and that as women we are compassionate, strong, intelligent and ready for the role. 

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