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Enjoy ice cream truck treats + collect rewards!

This post has been sponsored in collaboration with Mirum Shopper, but all opinions are my own.

When you think of summer memories, what is one of your favorite memories? For me it has to be being at the park or pool with my family and catching the ice cream truck passing by. Those ice cream truck treats, which back then were so much cheaper, are what great summer memories are made of. I love those memories and that's why we always stop the ice cream truck when at the park with the grandkids and my youngest. They love that ice cream truck as much as I did and it's always a great day when we get to enjoy this treat together. 

Since we love ice cream so much we always have it at home too, and we always have a variety of treats. The kids love Klondike Bars, the girls love Fruttare Bars and I love vanilla Breyers ice cream, the Homemade Vanilla especially. 

My favorite way to enjoy this ice cream is with some fresh fruit, especially peaches, nectarines and berries. But my favorite way to enjoy Breyers Homemade Vanilla ice cream is by making a Waffle a la Mode. 

This Waffle a la Mode is made with just a few ingredients that you probably already have at home. You will need:

  • a frozen waffle
  • a handful of fresh berries
  • one sliced peach or nectarine
  • two scoops of Breyers Homemade Vanilla ice cream

Frozen waffles are one of my secret weapons for having a quick breakfast for the kids and for this recipe I simply toast one up for ma self. Make sure you get the waffle as toasty as possible so that it won't get too soggy too fast. 

Slice your fruit and wash your berries. 

Now you can build your waffle a la mode. I like to use two scoops of Breyers Homemade Vanilla ice cream and then top off with the fresh fruit. 

Yummy, yummy in my tummy. It's pretty warm here so this does have to be enjoyed immediately but truly it doesn't last very long because it's so good. The berries and nectarine make such a great pair with the vanilla ice cream and the waffle just makes it a complete dessert. 

Enjoy ice cream truck treats and collect rewards!
If your family loves ice cream as much as my family, now is the time to stock up on all your favorite frozen treats!  

From May/September, purchase $20 worth of Unilever ice cream products at participating Safeway, Albertsons, VONS/Pavilions, Randalls, Jewel and Tom Thumb stores and submit your receipt(s) to receive a $5 reward. There’s up to $575,000 in rewards available! 

I stocked up on my $20 worth of Unilever ice cream at VONS and will be heading back for more before the promotion ends because the kids already finished most of what I bought. Ice cream seriously doesn't last long round these parts. 

But as long as they leave me enough Breyers Homemade Vanilla ice cream to enjoy a few waffles a la mode, then we are cool. Because mom needs a treat too, you know?