Weekend Catch Up - Sammy Makes Six

Weekend Catch Up

Overall this weekend was pretty nice, I really needed a rest after that "vacation" from last week. So what did I do? Not a whole lot of anything but I did manage to spend a lot of my Saturday catching up on posts for Red Lipstick Diairies. I had been really on the ball for a few weeks, getting posts up pretty regularly but I dropped that ball for about 2 weeks. I am super motivated with that blog though because it's incredibly active. It's a small blog as you know, having only had it a few months, but it gets tons and tons of visits and I have gotten a lot of really great feedback on it. So I want to keep it updated,, chock full of all the newest stuff. 

So I did manage to get a few posts up on it on Saturday and I went to do my weekly grocery run which wasn't super fun and no one wants to do it but it's part of being an adult. I wish we had a grocery delivery service in this area, I really do. Maybe in the future huh? I can't wait!

On Sunday it was time to play with makeup. It was one of those rare days that I actually got time to get myself ready. I pulled out my almost a year old Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette and use it for the first time. I also used the matching contour palette for the first time too. I am such a hoarder you have no idea how much new makeup I have in my collection. 

I Snapchatted (I am really enjoying Snapchat a lot!) my #MOTD and had a nice few hours getting ready before hitting the mall with Sammy, her BFF and her mom.  

I enjoyed looking around Sephora for a good while, Snapchatting things to my followers and I did manage to pick one small item for myself, of course. I was supposed to wait till Wednesday for the VIB sale but it's really hard walking out of that place empty handed. 

 It was a nice day really, a really rare day when I wasn't in a rush to get a million things done. We got some shopping done for Sammy at Tokyo, Japanese Lifestyle, we went to eat and ended the night with a cup of froyo. But now the weekend is over and it is back to the grind. It's a new month and that means that it's time to hustle and get that money flowin. How did you spend your weekend? 

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