Lately: Starbucks, Debt & Happiness - Sammy Makes Six

Lately: Starbucks, Debt & Happiness

We just returned from our mini Spring Break staycation. We actually did get to go away for 5 days but would have loved to extend that just a few more days, but traveling with 5 children is not exactly cheap and you do what you can. Anyways, we had a very good time, pretty tiring truth be told but the kids had fun and for the most part it was good moments. If you have kids you know that vacations are never perfect, and there is always bad moments when everyone is unhappy, grumpy and BORED. But as long as you have more good memories than bad, well then I think you need to high five yourself and get ready for the next one.

In the last two years I got myself into some pretty good debt. Not all of it has to do with my insane shopping habit, a lot had to do with our car and the many, many visits that it took to get it in shape to pass smog, we are talking thousands here. But I won't lie, I do have a shopping problem and I have had to get that under control, big time. Has it been easy? Hell to-the-no, it's been SO hard! But I am kicking my debt's butt and I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel. And that makes me really, super proud of myself because I do this with no ones help. Just little ole me. 

Starbucks, the bane of my existence. I have been a die-hard Starbucks drinker since it's inception but it is ridiculous how much we spend per month at this overpriced coffee house. Just in the last week my gold card has been reloaded 4 times with $10 per load, that is $40 in a week. Let's not even talk about how much we spend on an entire month. We do use the app as a family, which means I just get the reload notifications. It doesn't actually upset me in the long run, but if you actually sit and think about it, it's pretty crazy and we should stop. 

Something that makes me happy, makeup of course. I still have my great love for all things makeup and the launches have been crazy so far in 2016. Just when I think I am caught up with things I "must" have, something else comes out. Of course I am not buying all of it, in fact I am buying very little of anything, but the few purchases I do make, make me very, very happy! Especially when it's a purchase like the one above that my daughter gave me and I didn't have to spend a penny on. That there is the beautific Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, and she smells just like peaches!

Someone that makes me happiest of all is my baby girl who just turned nine yesterday. Sammy is growing up so's incredible. She is so nice and tanned right now from our days at the beach and looks super cute according to me. Her dad and I will be taking two days to go off with her in a week or two to celebrate the occasion. All that still had to be sorted out and scheduled but it's def something to look forward to. 

And that is just some of what has been happening round these parts lately. What have you been up to?