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5 Tips For Teaching Kids a Love of Nature

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Earth day is Friday, April 22nd and as it gets closer I want to share a few tips for instilling a love of nature and our planet with your kids. If you live in a city or small town like we do, there might not be a lot of nature around. Sometimes you may have to drive out to it, look for it online, in books, or you might even have to create it. But there is always a way to let kids get some hands-on experience with nature so that they can see why it's important for us to care for our home, planet Earth.

Five Tips For Teaching Kids to Love Nature & Our Planet

Take them out to enjoy nature: showing kids what nature really looks like and letting them enjoy it, is the best way to teach them to want to take care of the planet. Plan a hiking trip or even an hour outing like hours and let the kids immerse themselves in the wonder of nature. They will want to go back over and over again.

Boys love nothing more than to climb rocks, jump over streams and get to see all the animal life.

Teach them to care for our planet: from an early age practice: recycling, turning off lights and water, donating used items. All these things as part of their everyday lifestyle will ensure that when they grow up they will be as careful as you with the earth and its resources. 

Grow an herb garden: this year we bought a small herb garden kit with the kids and worked on planting it together. It's been fascinating for them to see they have begun to grow and watching them marvel at how we might be eating some of them is fun. Any hands-on planting or gardening that you can do with children will always be very enriching for them, and for you. 

Read about nature: kids love being read to and there are so many great books about nature and animals that can make reading time fun and educational. Visit the local library and let each child check out a few of their favorites and come home and read them as a family.

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On Earth Day we will be planting a miniature indoor garden for our house. What will you be doing with your kids or what are some of your favorite spring activities? Tell me below and enter to win a cute spring prize pack!