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The Best SkinCare for Lips

I was provided product by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare so that I could share with my readers and for a giveaway. All opinions are my own. 

It's no secret that I am a huge lip product junkie and have quite the collection of not just lipsticks but lip balms. I am just really infatuated with always having something on my lips and because I do use so many lipsticks, many of them matte, I am always working on keeping them moisturized and healthy. During the winter it's especially challenging to keep my lips looking and feeling good. That's why when it comes down the best skincare for my lips, it's always ChapStick that I turn to.

ChapStick is pretty legendary and for someone of my "advanced", it's pretty cool to see just how far they've come. We didn't have a ton of flavors when I was growing up. I remember being excited if I could even get a tube of Cherry ChapStick when I was growing up, so I am super stoked to now have such a large selection of not just flavors but formulas to pick from. 

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I still always grab for my old school friend, Cherry ChapStick. There's just something about this flavor that is so me, and it takes me back to younger days. But let me show you just how many other flavors you can now find:

strawberry (classic)
spearmint (classic)
green apple
mango sunrise
aloha coconut

If you're not into fruity flavors or you need to share your ChapStick with the boyfriend and kids, there are other great alternatives:

Classic Original
Moisturizer Original
Classic Medicated: I get this for the kids because they all get terrible chapped, broken lips in the winter. 
Sun Defense: perfect for those sporty types or if you're going to be outdoors. A lot of times we forget to protect our lips from the sun but ChapStick hasn't forgotten. 

ChapStick is the beauty staple that I can't live without and it's a big part of not just my everyday life but my whole family's. I love being able to throw a tube into my bag, my pocket or my gym bag and always know that I have the best protection for my lips on-hand. 

I know that I am excited with all of these ChapStick flavors and formulas, and I am even more excited to give one of you this same collection so you can protect your lips with the best lip skincare possible. 

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