Shopping @Sanrio - Sammy Makes Six

Shopping @Sanrio

I have been shopping at Sanrio for over 24 years with my children. When you have little girls, it's that one store in the mall that you have to stop by each time you are out shopping. I remember the millions of visits to the Sanrio store in Plaza Camino Real in Carlsbad with my 4 oldest, and then I also really remember the Sanrio inside Windward Mall in Hawaii. Windward Mall was our mall for three years where we would go at least once a week and spend obscene amounts of money on candy and Hello Kitty goodies. Now we have our new store which is at The Promenade in Temecula and sometimes this Sanrio at Tyler Mall in Corona. I guess the moral of the story is that wherever we happen to live or be shopping at, a stop at Sanrio is inevitable. Sam is very good though, usually keeping to under $30 per visit and really using the stuff she buys. 

 Yesterday was a good day for her, as she scored three pairs of shoes from Cotton on Kids (all on clearance) and she had her small trip into Sanrio, where she took a million years to make her picks. As always, a Japanese candy/food kit went into the basket. Sam is an expert at making these things, and has made a fair share of them. This time she was excited to have found the noodles kit which we are going to try to make on YT.

After what felt like a million years we were finally ready to pay. 

She picked out a Burger Shop mini set for her PSL's, a sketching book, a multicolored lead pencil and her Japanese kit.

Can you buy happiness for $24? I think this face proves that you can.

Till next time Sanrio (next week), now we are off to get some watermelon agua at Crush!