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Get Of Your Ass and Hustle.

I try to be a positive person, always trying to look at the good side of things. I HATE negative people and the bad energy that they surround themselves with. It's something that my boyfriend and I struggle with a lot because for a few years now he has been struggling and sometimes he gets to the point that he doesn't just bring himself down but me as well. The one thing I always tell him, and my kids, is that you need to stay positive in this life. Being a negative person and being constantly filled with negative vibes and thoughts is NOT going to bring any positivity into your life. 

But ever since the time change I have been a bit off and as positive as I try to be, I too have been struggling with a case of the blues. I don't know if it's the time change and how it gets dark at five and immediately feels like 9PM, or if it's because I now wake at 5:00AM no matter how hard I try to sleep longer. Something is just off and you can tell I am off because it affects how much work I have. I don't have the energy needed to get up, get the kid to school and then spend the rest of the day hustling for work. When you work for yourself, that hustle is real. Work isn't going to magically appear in your email and you will not make enough to live a decent life if you just manage to get online a few minutes a day. In order to be successful at what I do, you have to be on the ball, meaning online a large part of the day. I've been doing this long enough that opportunities DO come to me on their own, but they are not enough to live the life I want. I hate living on crumbs or being on a budget, it's just not something that I jive with, you know?

So I had a chat with myself yesterday and the days of sitting there feeling off, or no energy are donezo because I have goals and I have needs that will not be met by accepting what comes to me. I have to put out there what I want to come back to me, like I did the rest of the year and I will do well, I know it. We are all allowed some "time off" or a little moment to feel sorry for ourselves, but then you have to shake it off and keep going. 

All the people that spend their time talking about how things don't go their way or how they just can't earn a living because of this or that, are making excuses. Don't be one of those people, get off your ass and hustle, and always be thankful for what you do have BUT knowing that you are working hard to achieve much more. 

So those are my two cents for the day... take it or leave it, it's up to you.