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Tis The Season For #DoinGood

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Minute Maid and DiMe Media, but all opinions are my own.

When we talk about parenting and what it means to be good parents, most of the time the focus seems to be on moms. Everyone talks about the single moms and how hard they work at being both mom and dad, but rarely do we hear the story of the dad who has to be both dad and mom.

You know that I am super close to my grandkids, including my grandson Jeremiah who lives with his dad in Oceanside. But I also have another grandson who lives in Mexico. Brandon went to live with his dad in Mexico when he was not even a year old, which has been very hard on everyone, especially him. Being so far away, we are unable to visit with him the way we do with all the other grandkids and it's hard not having him around for all the special occasions and the regular days. But what we are thankful for when it comes to Brandon is his dad, Willie, who stepped up to be both mom and dad to Brandon.

Thanks to his dad, Brandon has a very good life in Mexico. Brandon goes to a private school, attends karate class, and is flourishing all-around with the love and support of his dad and his extended family. Because of Willie, I don't worry at night about whether my grandson is okay, if he has enough to eat or if he's safe. He has such a great dad, who outdoes himself to provide for him and who will never let him go without. I'd like to think that we also offer support for Brandon, but really it is all his dad because parenting isn't about sending gifts or money, it's about being present day-in and day-out.  

The holiday season is practically upon us, and, as a parent, I know exactly how stressful these months can get. That's why today I want to take time to remind you all that we are allowed to have off days and not-so-stellar moments. Sometimes the stress of the season seems to overtake us, and it feels like we aren’t taking – or appreciating – time with our kids. Our kids don't care about having a "perfect holiday", the memories they will have is of the moments they spent with you. 

The truth is, most parents are doing much better than they think, and Minute Maid wants to remind you that, hey mom and dad, “You’re Doin’ Good!” This holiday season give yourself a break and realize that you are a good parent.

I know that Willie is so busy working two jobs that he doesn't realize just what a great dad he is. That's why today I wanted to send a special shout-out to him, letting him know he is appreciated and that he is doing an exceptional job as a parent. We all know parents who are doing a better job than they give themselves credit for. Who in your life deserves a special shout-out for #DoinGood at parenting?