Catching Up On October... - Sammy Makes Six

Catching Up On October...

October was an extremely busy month in my household. I was lucky enough to have a fantastic work month as well as a pretty great personal month. For me, October has always been one of my favorite months of the year. Where we live the temps can get pretty extreme, still very hot in September and even the beginning of October but after about the second week, we begin to finally feel some of that fall weather. We only get to enjoy the glorious fall weather for a few weeks before extreme cold sets in, so for us it's all about enjoying that small window of fall that we are given each year. 

So during October we got to celebrate not just one but two birthdays. My grandaughter turned 8 and my oldest grandson turned 11. Birthdays are such a special time for us because we see the kids get a year older and for the kid because of the gifts, and both kiddos did pretty well this year gift wise. It's incredible to me to know that I have a grandkid that is 11 years old. I swear it was just yesterday that he was the tiny, white, chubby baby who introduced me to being a grandma.

Something else that was very special during the month of October was our week-long visit with Jeremiah who got to come and stay with us. This visit was long overdue and we really enjoyed having him with us. The time flew by way to fast and we are hoping to have him again in the next month, hopefully right before Christmas. 

Even though I was bombarded with work we also managed to get on some fun family outings, plus a lot of shopping trips. We did two pumpkin patch visits and we rounded off the month by having an awesome Halloween. 

All months should be as fantastic as our October was. This month we have Julius's b-day (yesterday) and Thanksgiving holiday, which is the first school break since the start of back-to-school. I can't wait to enjoy some turkey too!