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Yo, What Up?

It's been a week since a non-sponsored post has come out of me, but not by choice, I am just very lucky to have tons of work at the moment. I KNOW that a blog full of sponsored content is no fun, I personally dislike those types of blogs, A LOT. But as you know, blogging and social media work is my job, it is how I make my living. That means that as much as I want to produce my own content, work takes priority and I only have so much energy. These past two weeks I have been getting up at 7:00 am and working through till about 11p.m., and that is with all of my regular mom and grandmother duties as well. I still drop off kids at work, school and run errands all over the place. On most nights I will lay down with my book or Netflix hoping for some reading or watching time, only to pass out after a few minutes. But I am not complaining, during this time of year, I can use every single paying gig I can get my hands on. And anyways, even with all of that, I still manage to sneak in some stuff for me. These are some of the things I have been up to lately. 

Lip swatches: As busy as I get I still try to throw some lip swatches up on IG. I haven't touched my beauty blog in over a month but I try never to neglect my IG account, as it is my favorite. 

 Books: I have been hitting the books! Last week I managed to read two Mary Higgins Clark Books (The Cinderella Murder and The Melody Lingers On). Both awesome and I totally recommend both. Just this morning Adrian went to pick up Finders Keepers from Stephen King for me. I can not wait for the energy and time to dig into this one!

Shopping with Sammy: it's been a good five minutes since Sammy did some shopping and that was at H&M. Truth be told she has way too many clothes, but a little girl should have many clothes. This weekend we did some tiny damaged at Justice. When my oldest were little this store was called Limited Too and we used to do major damage there, so Sammy also deserves to shop there, even if it's for smaller hauls. 

Shopping for the home: I've been shopping at Bath & Body Works and Target for stuff for our place. I've had coupons and done the sales so none of it has been major, but it's been awesome retail therapy for me. 

Couponing: Today I got the chance to get some couponing done after weeks of not getting to it. I know that it looks like all I do is shop willy-nilly, but there is a method to my madness. I am not a coupon expert at all but I do get the paper and look for deals. I stock up for my 3 girls who don't live with me, the kids and my household. Just on today's personal care shopping trip: I had $13 in coupons, $10 in Target coupons AND I got a $5 Target card back. Not bad right?

Speaking of Target, have you seen this amazing selection? Geez! My Target doesn't have this, but this store is only thirty minutes away so soon I might buy a few things. For now all I got was the plaid tray but I'd love some other things. 

There's also been some personal shopping for me, because what good is killing myself to not reap some of the benefits of my hard work. But actually, this super gorgeous brush set, my first Sonia Kashuk, was bought for me by Jack. I got some makeup and I am hoping to get a little clothes shopping done soon. I don't feel guilty (most of the time) about shopping for me because I work super  hard and I take care of everyone else first. Now if I could find the time to crack open this brush set, take some pics for my blog and actually use it. That would be de-vine!

So that's what up round my neck of the woods. I'd love to hear what you've been up to these last few weeks. How's life treating you?

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