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More Power, Less Waste

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Isn't it funny how quickly we run out of batteries? And not funny in a good way either. About every two weeks I will have AA batteries on my shopping list. Between the kids toys, the 4 remote controls and our flashlights (which we just prepared for the upcoming storms) we run out of batteries way too fast. It seems like such a waste to throw out all of those used batteries. What I needed were longer lasting batteries, and batteries that are kinder to the environment. With the brand new Energizer® EcoAdvanced™ batteries, that is exactly what I got when I stopped by Target this weekend. Energizer® EcoAdvanced™is the world's first AA battery made with 4% recycled batteries and is Energizer's longest-lasting battery. Since these are Energizer's highest performing, most responsible batteries,  we can use less batteries and AND have less impact on the planet.

Since I was bringing a new and better battery home, I decided to make a better "home" for my remotes at home. These suckers are forever getting lost, everytime you want to change the channel you have to go hunting for the remote so I thought a neat little tray would be great. They have these cute trays at Target for $3 but they are kind of plain, so why not dress one up?

I grabbed the burlap and yarn from the Dollar Spot area at Target just like the batteries and tray. This is all you will need to make a tray perfect for holding your remotes and other small items for the living room.

Measure the burlap pieces to cover the bottom of the tray. We cut 2 1/2 pieces. 

Now you want to measure out two strips for the outer sides. 

Once all of your strips are cut out, glue them on using a hot glue gun. I usually let the kids help with all DIY's but this is a step we grownups have to do. 

I really liked this neat black and white yarn and wanted to incorporate it into the tray so I wound it around both sides on the handles. They had this yarn in a few different colors, including orange, so you can do a fall themed tray if you wanted to. 

Now my remote controls not only have a better battery, they also have a new storage place so hopefully we can stop losing them. I don't exactly hold high hopes for that, but the tray is pretty cute if I say so myself. We have a lot of dark colors in our place and this really fits in  with everything else. 

I feel really good about my purchase of Energizer® EcoAdvancedwhich contain four percent recycled material by total weight (which is nearly ten percent of a key active ingredient). I'm all about less waste for the planet and spending less money!

Well okay, I'm lying. I'm all about spending less money on batteries SO that I can buy other stuff. DUH! But I do feel really good about knowing that I am being better to the planet. 

Don't forget to stop by Target for your Energizer® EcoAdvanced™ batteries.  In what small ways are you  being kinder to the planet?