Hey, I Saw Saturn! - Sammy Makes Six

Hey, I Saw Saturn!

Now this, was a good day. We live in the Inland Empire which is about two hours away from Los Angeles, depending on traffic. There is nothing to do in our area, nothing. For us to have a really great time it's necessary for us to load up the van and head either north or south. On this day, a Satruday, we originally planned to head to Ikea for some shopping when A.B. got a call from a client that is located right in the middle of DTLA. Awesome! That meant that even though we were starting out a bit late, we could instead go hang out in Los Angeles, which is not something we get to do often at all. And yep, it was an amazing day overall. 

We went to South L.A. which is always interesting. Adrian's clients are always in the really Latino populated areas and it's kind of fun to go somewhere where there are so many people on the streets. It was the weekend so there was a lot of food for sale on the corners, we passed MacArthrur Park with it's colored balls and the children didn't even know what to make of so much activity on one place. After that we headed to Burbank for lunch and to get our shop on. Burbank is super lucky. Not only do they have the one and only Morphe Brushes store, they have so many great places to shop in ONE location. We found a shopping center that had: Target, Marshall's, Nordstrom Rack and a T.J. Max right next to each other. I mean, come on!! I have to drive out of my town for a rack or tjmax, how did they get them all side-by-side? Needless to say, I found some sweet goodies: The Body Shop, Too Faced, Lorac and more! If you're in the area, I totally suggest dropping by Burbank to get your shopping done because they also had really good stock. 

The evening was now coming on and it was time to head for some fun for the kids. Angel, Lene and Anthony had never been to the Griffith Observatory and the surrounding park, so off we went thinking we would be there in a jiffy since we were only 3 exits away on the freeway. SURE!!! Traffic in L.A. is a killer, especially in the early evening on a Saturday when everyone is headed out for an evening of fun. Then we hit a detour because there had been a fire earlier that day in the area, yep we were there the day of the fire and you could still smell it a lot. It was also the same day that the Greek Theater was having a Gipsy Kings (love them!) concert so that was a MAD HOUSE. We literally crawled up the hill. Between the traffic of the concert and all the people trying to get to the top, it was madness. Of course on a weekend the observatory was packed and the top parking area full so we parked at least a mile below, which meant trekking up a mile with 4 kids-in-hand, all the while making sure not to get run over or fall of the side of the canyon. It was something of a mission but we made it, sweaty, gross and icky, but alive. And it was worth every single minute, after we caught our breath of course. 

The boys are so cool...

Anthony getting the full view of the city below. He didn't like it very much up there though. 

The observatory was awesome. It was still open so we got to look around inside. The very best part was when each of the kids got to look into the telescope and get a real close-up of Saturn!!! 

This day is going down in the books as one of our best days ever. Even the slow, winding drive up the canyon was worth it. We made new memories with the kids, moments they will remember once they are older.  And isn't that what life is all about?