Dear Sofia; - Sammy Makes Six

Dear Sofia;

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMeMedia and Disney Junior. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

This weekend was a very exciting one for Sammy and one she had been looking forward to for a few weeks; she would be getting to write a handwritten letter to one of her favorite characters Sofia The First. More exiciting for her, she would get to share the fun with family and a few friends during a Dear Sofia Letter Writing Party that we had on Sunday. Letter writing is an art that is quickly being forgotten in these days of so much technology. I'm happy to note that though Sammy is as much into technology as other children, she loves to write letters. She makes notes for me and her dad, she writes letters and draws pictures for her sisters and she always has a pencil in hand. Writing letters has always been part of her because she is a very creative kid, and boy was she excited to know that she would have the opportunity to send a letter to Sofia all the way to Enchancia, and that she will be getting a reply!

Something that a lot of people don't get about writing letters, is how creative and fun it can be. And that is exactly what we wanted to share during our Dear Sofia Letter Writing Fun. Using creative tools: neat stationary, stickers, pencils and other fun items, makes letter writing fun and not the chore so many think it is. Plus there is nothing quite like the experience of getting a letter, that has traveled from afar, straight to you via mail. It's fun to imagine how far your letter has traveled on it's trip to get to you. That's the part that charms Sammy the most about a letter, and we had a great talk about all the placed the kids thought their letters would go by on their way to Sofia.

As some of the kids started on their letter, the others got to pose for pictures, take selfies for social media (in this family they start young) and eat. What is a party without some good food?

A favorite part of the party had to be the fun and friendship, just like the one Sofia embodies. The little boys get to watch Sofia The First everyday and learn all about friendship, bravery, courage, curiosity and creativity. These are all traits that will take them through life as better people.

Though the day way rainy and gloomy, the kids had so much fun writing letters and spending time with each other. Now they're all waiting for their letter to come in the mail with news from Sofia and Enchancia. How exciting!

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Don't let your kids miss out on this neat experience, sit them down to write a letter to Sofia. There is a lot of mail going out to Enchancia this month so please allow a few weeks for receipt of your reply. What do you think your kids will want to tell Sofia in their letter?