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Because Life Happens...

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I've never shared the story of purchasing my van. It's been exactly one year since I got it and let me tell you it has been a ride, like one of those curvy, scary rides at a theme park. This van is the first time that I ever own a used vehicle and I was so not prepared for all of the delights that come with purchasing someone else's vehicle, especially when they didn't take good care of it. Lo bueno es que my mom always taught us to take care of things ourselves and that includes our cars. She came to the U.S. without knowing the language, without a partner and with only a handful of people to count on. She worked and saved for her first car, got a license and purchased many cars after that. From her we learned to be self reliant and to take the bad and make the best of it. So when I got a big lemon of a car, I did every single thing possible to fix it and make it as safe for the most important people in the world, my family. It's been an expensive road with so many unforeseen surprises and more trips to the mechanic and the DMV than I can count. But we now have a vehicle that just needs regular maintenance. No more of those big repairs, at least for a while I hope.

Having a safe and reliable vehicle is like top one priority for me. One of my girls still doesn't drive and I am responsible for drop offs at work, school and two families errands. I don't mind, it's exactly why we were willing to invest in getting the van into perfect working order. We knew that it was going to work for us non-stop. And it has! We've been on 4 vacations, tons of trips to the beach, to Sea World and Disneyland and last time we took off to Malibu and L.A. for a weekend. I love knowing that my car is ready for any trip whether small or large and that it's safe for these guys...

They are the reason why keeping my van maintained and in good working order is important. How're we gonna visit all the cool places we love if we don't take care of our car?

As part of my cars regular maintenance I take it to get its oil changed every few months. It's always dependent on how far we've traveled and the miles, but since I only pay $19.98 at Walmart for the Pit Crew Oil Change with Quaker  State, I don't stress the cost. What I really like is that I can drop off my van at the Auto Care Center and get my shopping done while they change the oil for me. It's a super convenient way to get this task done without taking time out of my busy day. 

Our car allows us the freedom to live life and enjoy living in California by going to so many places. Yes it's been a pain to get it to perfect working order, but it's been worth every single penny. 

How important is your vehicle to you and how often do you get the oil change done?