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A Baby Shopping Trip For Jeremiah!

 Thanks to Target for sponsoring our baby shopping spree during the Target Baby Sale. 

To say that we love to shop at Target is an understatement. Target is the place where we buy clothes for all the little boys (Anthony, Julius and Jeremiah) and it's where I buy the majority of my home decor and other items. When we found out that Jeremiah was going to get to come and visit us for a whole week, we knew it was time to go on a shopping trip and it came at just the right time because right now Target is having a HUGE baby sale. The Target baby sale started yesterday,  Sunday, October 18 and lasts through Saturday, October 24! During the sale you can find everything in the baby section on sale including: toys, feeding, gear and nursery items including diapers and wipes. It's the perfect time to stock up for baby because with every $150 spent in the baby section Target will give you a $25 Target Gift Card back! 

What a way to stretch your money even further! I am loving all these new deals that Target has been having with a gift card back, I had a few just from last week's trip. Last night after picking Jeremiah up we swung by Target to grab a few items for him to use during his stay and will be going back tomorrow morning to pick up a car seat and a new wardrobe for him to take back home. It's always nice to send him home with a new batch of clothes, plenty of diaper & wipes and a few new toys. And while he's here they boys are going to have a blast. 

Anthony is such a good big cousin! Him and Jeremiah are really good buds and don't mind sharing toys. 

Looks like they are trying to find out what mischief they can get up to. Believe me, Jeremiah can get into lots of it. He's a tiny thing BUT he is like a little tornado. 

With their Target outfits the are cool and comfortable. This kid has SO Much hair, it's crazy!

It's going to be a fun week for us. We're super happy that little Jeremiah is getting to spend some time with us and we can't wait to see how many adventures we can have in one week. And of course we will be doing some major shopping too! Thanks to the Target Baby Sale I will be able to send Jeremiah home with lots of new goodies. Don't forget to stop by Target THIS WEEK for the Baby Sale. What baby needs will you be stocking up on during the Target Baby Sale?

I know a mommy who would love to go on a baby shop trip of her own. I tag Cici who will be getting to do some baby shopping of her own!