When the Circus Comes to Town - Sammy Makes Six

When the Circus Comes to Town

My boyfriend and I rarely fight, we have discussions maybe once or twice a month but we seldom fight. In the ten years we've been together we've never had a hitting/screaming match the way you see many people do. And that's what I like about this relationship. It might be because Adrian is a very level headed person, he's pretty old that guy (51) and he's kinda tame, it really takes a lot for him to even raise his voice. I'm louder, meaner and more difficult but with him that rarely has to come out. It's one of the main things that I have always appreciated about our relationship, the lack of drama and fights and always being on edge like I was when I was married. I have always been so thankful to have found such a stable guy.

But today the circus came to town and it was an ugly circus.

It all started with Sammy falling inside the store as we were getting our groceries. No matter how many times I tell her about the dangers of hard floors and doing all those acrobatics she likes to do, she did it and today and ended up on her face. After 30 minutes in the store filing a claim (because she told me she tripped on a mat), and paying for the damned food I had to buy for my post, we drove the two blocks home so tense and so upset. We were not mad at each other but at the circumstances. But then, then suddenly came the first "We didn't even want to go in, you should have let us stay in the car." Then, "But if you had just hurried the way you said you would have, she might not have fallen." Well yeah...but she also might not have fallen if she listened to me. 

We were home by then so I got out and started walking towards Jack's house which is 6 houses away, thinking okay we'll both cool off and then we can talk. Then all of a sudden I hear running and Adrian is behind me picking me up off the floor and trying to carry me home, ME. All the while I am yelling for him to put me down. I know I weight more than he does even though he's much taller but how he was carrying me or trying to I have no idea. By this time Cici and her boyfriend are outside, so are the neighbors on both sides and everyone is watching as Adrian is trying to carry me home and all the meanwhile he is telling me how we don't do ghetto stuff like this. 

REALLY? Like dude, you physically turned me around and are now carrying me home, can it get anymore ghetto?? 

At some point I got him to let go of me and we stood there like every other lame couple on this block arguing our point. Nobody hit anyone or no one did more than raise their voice but it was embarrassing for sure. The stress of Sam's fall, of watching her bleeding in the store and seeing her little teeth moving was so much that I guess we just broke, especially him. For that reason I will give him a pass, I know it had to be traumatic for him in order for him to have acted out like that but it's not something that can happen ever again. And I made it clear that the next time I walk or drive away he needs to stay and not chase me down in front of so many people. This isn't COPS and adults ARE allowed to walk away and cool off without being chased down. Today we were the wackadoodles giving everyone a free show. 

The circus came to town tonight, but it was a one time show and it's NOT going to come back. Now i'd love to go to bed and forget this day ever happened, that was seriously one of the lamest moments of my life.