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Happy National Dog Week!

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It's National Dog Week and I didn't want the week to finish without taking some time to talk about Rocky Balboa. It was almost a year ago that this little girl was living on the streets, surviving in the high temperatures of our town, without a family or anyone to care for her. Now she is a member of our family and even though I know I fail her a lot because I am not one of those "perfect" pet parents, at least she has us, and we have her. 

According to the vet Rocky is over 8 years old, which I guess makes her an older dog. This is something I had already figured out since her favorite thing to do is sleep. But what Rocky does love to do is go outdoors and when we go to the park, it's as if she forgets how old she is and suddenly becomes a happy and energetic puppy. 

To celebrate National Dog Week (September 20 - 26), we've been taking her to the park in the mornings before it gets too hot out. This is a special time for just her, since the kids are in school, to play and run to her hearts content. Sure the kids love her, especially her human Sammy, but one-on-one attention is also very important when it comes to our pets. 

Another one of her favorite things to do is eat. Rocky has a decent appetite and she enjoys her chow time a lot. In honor of the week, Baneful invites you to Save $3 on Beneful 13lb bag or greater size bag. The good people at Beneful will be giving one of my readers a doggie swag bag filled with Baneful treats & toys!

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