A Yummy Postgame Snack - Sammy Makes Six

A Yummy Postgame Snack

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With the return of fall come some of the kids favorite after school activities. Every day we are off to a different event or game all in the name of family and fun. With so many activities on Sammy's plate, it's important to always have healthy snack options at home. She had a growth spurt at the end of last year that's totally changed her appetite. Yes, she's still a picky eater but now she eats more than double what she used to, so now I find myself shopping more and more often. But no matter what, I always have all kinds of snacks for mi niña and of course mamá always has plenty of Nesquik low-fat chocolate milk. Not just for Sammy either, we all love an ice-cold bottle of Nesquik. We are also pretty big fans of the strawberry flavor. Every Nesquik flavor now only has 10.6 grams of added sugar, so we can definitely enjoy a bottle here and there with her. 

But did you know that Nesquik is a great drink for the kids after the game? After a tough practice or game, studies suggest that low fat chocolate milk, like Nesquik, may contain the ideal 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates-to-protein that can help restore tired muscles. This right balance provides our young athletes with the nourishment they need after a hard game. After an intense practice or game, it’s crucial to maximize recovery within 30 minutes with both carbohydrates and proteins. Low fat chocolate milk, like Nesquik, offers the right amount of carbs and protein that an athlete needs. And the best part about it is that is it DELICIOUS and that no matter how picky the child is, they will drink it. 

When it's time for Sammy to have her recharging snack, it's as easy as some fruit, veggies and a bottle of Nesquik. Protein is essential for a healthy and active lifestyle. Nesquik provides kids with 40% Daily Value for calcium and 8 grams of protein in every serving compared to zero grams in the leading sports and juice drinks. Plus this ready-to-drink low fat chocolate milk is super convenient, I can also pack them up for an on-the-go snack. 

My little ball-of-energy is growing and that means muchos snacks and good food so that her little body can grow and grow.  Sammy is only eight, that means we have many years of soccer games, ballet class and gymnastics to go. I think we're up for the challenge, are you?

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