Venice Beach - Sammy Makes Six

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is one of our favorite places to visit and this trip was no exception since we got to see one of our favorite Netflix shows in person, Freakshow. If you've never been to Venice Beach and are in the area, I highly suggest checking it out. There is so much to see and do, as well as to eat, that I guarantee you will have a blast. 

People watching is one of the best things about Venice. You will def get an eyeful of many different types of people: young, old, fashionable and even homeless. The amazing thing about it is that all of these people coexist in the same place and everyone is content. This is not a place where you will feed judged, snubbed or made to feel like a freak - honestly, it's super inclusive. I think that's why we love it so much. 

Bike and scooter rentals: Our kids love to rent bikes and scooters while at Venice, and it's pretty affordable. You can also find rentals for the beach in case you forgot to bring things like chairs and umbrellas. 

Freakshow: While this show is no longer on the boardwalk, which is such a shame, we definitely enjoyed our visit. 

Food: there is tons to eat and drink on the boardwalk and while a lot of it is pricey you can find some really good eats for a fair price, like this sushi which was delicious. 

I wish we lived closer to Venice Beach so we could go every weekend. Right now we only go when we have a long weekend and are staying nearby, which is NOT often enough. 

If you've never been I highly suggest you plan a visit.