Vampire Teeth? - Sammy Makes Six

Vampire Teeth?

Something funny happened to me this week. Before I get on with that let me share a little background on my love for vampires. I have always been a huge fan of Anne Rice books and have loved anything vampire themed. Vampires are incredibly good looking, charming, alluring and just so dang sexy, of course I love the idea of them! I always jokingly tell people that I would love to be a vampire when I grow up. There's just always something been something really cool about the whole vampire look and that's why even though my teeth are incredibly crooked I've at least always really like the fact that they're pointy and do look like vampire teeth. 

So the other day I posted a selfie of Adrian and myself before we headed out to Los Angeles and I had somebody comment on the picture. The comment was very simple, a question: Vampire Teeth?

The question didn't come from a friend of mine on Facebook, but rather a friend of a friend. So when I saw the comment I wasn't sure if it was a joke or if it was supposed to be meant in jest but really it look like a question like if the person was asking me if I had set out to have vampire teeth on purpose or something like that. I was confused and didn't really know what to reply so I finally laughed it off and said, "LOL yes I've always had vampire teeth I always say it myself." At the end of the day I guess I was just happy somebody didn't make fun of my teeth being crooked...which is more of what I'm used to. But I'm not going to say that it didn't bother me in the back of my mind just a little bit. Like why you got to hate on my teeth? Because the question was asked in an unhappy manner. It wasn't like "hey you have a vampire teeth, how cool I wish I had some too!"

So what do you think, what exactly did that question mean?