Back-to-School One Day Late - Sammy Makes Six

Back-to-School One Day Late

Sammy went back-to-class last Monday but her return didn't exactly go off without a hitch. Someone, whom we shall not name, decided not to attend orientation and had no idea that school would be starting on Monday versus the regular Thursday. She's been at this school for 3 years, who would have thunk that they would change the start date all of a sudden? Innocent mistake I say. I do admit though that I was embarrassed, especially when I got the call from the school asking why my daughter was not there and Adrian was looking questioning at me as I stood there with my mouth wide open and eyes bulged out. Not my finest moment...and what was worse was that I felt embarrassed in front of AB all day because he is such a stickler for rules and times, and first days of class. LOL. I felt like I failed that day as a mom, know what I mean?

 I decided to make it up to Sam and AB on the second day and got up extra early to shower her and get her ready. I even took my camera for first day of school pictures...BUT when we got by the school we noticed that it was strangely quiet and there was only a third of the cars as usual. Are you getting where I am headed? The school didn't just change the start date, they changed the time and Sammy was 15 minutes late for her first day of school. Again, not my finest moment. But we dropped her off, watched her walk in and went to have a quick breakfast to go over the ways I had royally screwed up.  AGH! Poor kid, a lot of times I wonder how poor Sam managed to get stuck with me as mom. 

I still can't believe that after so many years of being mom I could make such a mistake. But we talked it over and decided it wasn't the worst thing in the world and that life could and would go on. I know for sure that next year I will me a lot more on top of the ball when it comes to her first day of class and all that jazz, I probably still won't attend orientation but I will at least make a few calls and get informed. 

Last week I learned that mo amount of parenting or kids can make you perfect, even an old hand like myself can still royally screw up. I'm sure that it's not going to be the last of my mistakes either, for Sammy and I have many more years to go where I will still be in charge of her life and making it interesting. Hey, at least she will have some fun stuff to recall when she gets older right? Remember the time mom forgot me at the Apple store? Yes, I might have done that once. Remember the time mom didn't know it was the first day of school? Yep. Been there done that. What mommy screw-up tales can you share with this mom to perhaps maker her feel a little bit better about last week?