Sea World #Summer2015 - Sammy Makes Six

Sea World #Summer2015

Yesterday we took a trip to Sea World to spend the day and celebrate Jeremiah's second b-day which is tomorrow. We actually have the year passes, which we got two months ago. Before that we hadn't been to Sea World in about 8 years, which is a long time especially considering that we used to be season pass holders when we lived in San Diego County. Now it's pretty far (over 2 hours) and it's also changed a lot but we wanted the kids to get to know this place that used to be so cool to my girls when they were little. Overall it was a good day. The food was better than last trip, we had chicken chowmein and Nutella crepes (pics on IG), as well as Churros and lots and lots of drinks because it was HOT. They were out of ice all day long though which is pretty ridiculous considering they charge so much, it was a hot day and they are a theme park, so that kind of sucked but it is what it is. If I were to talk about what's wrong with Sea World, I would be here all I just don't feel the same about this place since watching Blackfish, you know? We didn't end up staying for the Shamu show or the fireworks because our drive would be too long to stay that late, but the day was nice. We're hoping to go back at least one more time before the year and our passes end. After that...maybe never. I don't take a stand on a lot of things in life but humane treatment of animals is one thing I try to support. 

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