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My top 3 "Make Mommy's Life Easier" Baby Shower Gifts

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Babies are the most magical, beautiful thing in the world aren't they? This weekend we celebrated Jeremiah's second birthday. Jeremiah is the youngest of my grand kids and it made me realize that we don't have any more babies in our family, which is a little sad. Kids grow up so quickly and sometimes it seems like they were just born when all of a sudden they are a whole 2 years old! Now that my girls all have toddlers, it's time to get my baby fix somewhere else. It's a good thing that in our circle of family and friends there is never a shortage of expectant mommies and showers. In fact I just went shopping for a baby shower last week at Target, and as I was trying to figure out what to buy baby, because there are SO MANY cute things to pick from, I realized that I wanted to make sure to buy something that will make the expectant moms life easier. This is a first time mommy and she has no idea just how much hard work she is in for. 

My top 3 "Make Mommy's Life Easier" Baby Shower Gifts

1: Diaper Genie: As any mom will tell you, you will spend your first months changing more diapers than you could have ever imagined. One of the most essential gifts to give a new mommy is a Diaper Genie. This #1 selling diaper pail takes care of the mess and smell of all of those diapers. Its design is nice enough to fit into any nursery and it really just makes diaper changes so much easier. When I had my girls we had to run out of the house with each diaper and that made for a never ending chore. 

2: Baby monitor: When I had my older girls, baby monitors did not exist. I had to be so vigilant, always going back and forth to check on a sleeping baby can really wear a new mom out, especially if she is trying to capitalize on that baby's nap with one of her own. Now baby monitors are everywhere and they can be placed where ever baby is so that mommy can catch up on life or take a nap without having to run in to check baby every 5 minutes. 

3: A good baby stroller: I remember those first months when I had my oldest and how my mom thought it best that I was home all day long. Pretty soon I was ready to throw myself out of a window. That's why my 3rd gift is a stroller, which pretty much means FREEDOM. I learned by my 3rd kid that if I wanted to remain sane during those first months with a new baby, I needed to get out of the house. A good stroller that is very baby friendly is a moms best friend. It can be a walk around the neighborhood, to the park or even to the mall, but being able to grab baby and head outside even if just for 30 minutes, can literally save ones sanity. 

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