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What's In My Work Bag?

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A lot of people always ask how I manage to be successful while working at home and taking care of a large family. It's definitely not easy. After so many years of working out of the home and being at the mercy of my job, I can now set my own schedule and take care of my family's needs during the day. It's really been the biggest blessing ever, because with so many things going on with the kids and with my moms health, I don't know what we would do if I was back at a 9-5 job. I've taken my mom to the doctor already twice this week and have to be back there tomorrow for more blood tests. Meanwhile the kids have swim class 4 days this week and I have a ton of other things that must get done. So how do I manage to get any work done amiss all this other stuff? Well, it's all about balance and making sure that I keep on top of things by being super organized. I also have my handy-dandy work bag that goes with me every single morning, so even if I happen to be waiting on the kids to finish swim class, or my mom to come out of the doctors, I can get some work done. 

What's In My Work Bag?

My planner: keeping life on track is an absolute must when you have as busy a life as I do. I have to write everything down or I will forget it. My little planner is like my assistant, it keeps my life on schedule and it keeps me sane. 
My phone: anyone who works in social media knows that their phone is a must have 24/7. I update all of my social media accounts daily, I take tons and tons of photos of the kids plus family videos. I literally could not live without my phone. 
My Macbook Pro: My computer. This is where the magic of blogging happens and even when I might not have wifi to go online, I can edit photos and work on posts. I charge it every night so that it will have enough battery to carry me through when I am working outdoors. 
V8 V-Fusion+Energy Drink: I discovered these V8 + energy drinks at Walmart and I am obsessed with this flavor,  Orange Pineapple. Have you tried these yet? What a fantastic way to get some much needed energy during that mid day slump or anytime that I am starting to run out of zip! With as much as I have going on, I need a pick me up at least twice a day, and coffee is not always the best idea (it's been 100 degrees this week). V8 V-Fusion+Energy Drinks come in a variety of delicious flavors and with natural energy from Green Tea, they give you that "Feel Good Energy" without  jitters. Plus this flavor is so good, I'm telling you, you need to try them all but definitely try this flavor!
My glasses and my wallet: Okay I have run out of the house a few times this week without both and let me tell you, I was blind as a bat and poor as mud. I don't know why I am always forgetting my glasses especially, so I have a backup pair that always stays in this bag. 

It's almost 6:00pm but mom duties are far from over. Right now my kiddos are enjoying their swimming lesson while I play catch up. With my refreshing V8 V-Fusion + Energy drink, I get my boost of energy to finish off another busy day, and I get to enjoy a yummy treat. On the drive here I was so tired I kept rubbing my eyes and wishing I could close them, but with my V8 V-Fusion + Energy drink, momma gots her groove back!!

Life always requires a good balance between work, family and play. I am thankful that as much as I have to do, I can get my work done around my family's schedule, and with Natural-Energy from green tea and V8 V-Fusion+Energy Drink, now I can keep going longer. 

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