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Hey Dad, You're Doin' Good!

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With Father's Day quickly approaching, I would like to talk about the dads in our family. In a world where fathers are not always up to par, we have been super lucky to have some really great guys who have stepped up to the plate to become not just dads, but super dads. I don't think that either one of them thinks themselves to be amazing dads, but they really are. Let me tell you a little about this great group of guys.

Mario is only 21 and yet he is as responsible a father as any I have ever known. He works very hard most of the week to give Julius everything he can, and on his days off they have full days of fun an adventure. Julius lacks absolutely nothing in his life because thanks to great parents, including an amazing dad, he has a very full life. He also has one of the best wardrobes a kid has ever had. Growing up with two very young, cool and fashionable parents, I am pretty sure Julius is going is a future fashion YouTuber or blogger. Having a dad who loves and supports him unconditionally is going to be a big part of him growing up to reach his full potential.

Adrian (my boyfriend) is a wonderful father as well. Our relationship is not always perfect, we go through our little ups and downs, but his role as father is always the same. He is such a hands-on father, right now he is in Mexico on business and I am in charge of watching her, but when he comes home he completely takes over. Even when I am super busy or not with them, I always know that Sammy is in the best hands. Truth be told he probably takes better care of her than I do because he also cooks and he is incredibly patient (skills I have yet to acquire). 

Lionel is Jeremiah's dad, another really young guy who has stepped up and become practically mom and dad. In a world where dads run away from being a father, Lionel took charge of his son and is doing an amazing job of raising the happiest and most beautiful boy ever. With the help of: his mom, his dad and aunts, grandmothers and other family members, he is providing Jeremiah a life full of family and love. Jeremiah is here with us for the week, and when we picked him up, it was very hard to Lionel to separate from him even if it was only for 5 days. The love for his son is incredible and almost humbling when I have to consider that he is doing my daughters job as well as his own. 

I didn't have the best experience with my girls father who became absent from the girls lives after our divorce. This new batch of fathers, especially the younger ones, have really taught me that not all men are like that. Mario and Lionel are both under the age of 24 and they are more responsible than a lot of middle aged men I know. Being an amazing dad has nothing to do with age, these boys have definitely proved themselves to be amazing parents. I am thankful for all of them each and every day. This Father's Day, these guys are not just Doin' Good, they are doing amazing.

Parents are doing better than they think!

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