There is #SoMuchMore to Being Mom - Sammy Makes Six

There is #SoMuchMore to Being Mom

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Mother's Day is this Sunday and as much as I tease my older girls about how they'd better have a nice gift for me, I know that it's so much more than that. Mother's Day  for me, is not about going off on my own on a "kid free" day to shop or relax. Mother's Day is for spending with all of my girls and as many of the kids as possible. I can not even imagine what it would be like to spend the one day we celebrate being moms, without the people who's mom I am. Know what I mean?

As you know I no longer have any "babies". My baby is now a full 8 years old and she is growing up so fast. She seriously just had a major growth spurt and just about left all of her clothes and shoes behind. It came so suddenly too. One day she was normal Sammy and then next she is this tall girl who looks like Sammy but is about 2 inches taller. It's made me realize how fast she is growing and how soon she will be totally out of this child age and into the pre-teens, which is not exactly my favorite age. I need to really take advantage of these next years with my child, before she grows up on me all the way. 

I didn't think that it was possible to love anyone more than you love your kids but I think it is. I am so in love with all of the little people that we have been blessed with in this family. There is my oldest grandson who looks like this super-cool dude and who probably won't want to hang out with us soon. I have a grandson in Mexico who I hope will return to us at some point. There is my one grandaughter who is the devil incarnate and will drive Jackie mad one day. Then there is Anthony who is such a pleasure, he really is a good egg, always saying please and thank you and trying to hug everyone to pieces. He especially has been a gift we didn't know we wanted, but needed. I think Anthony was given to us simply to make our lives better and to make us better people, like Sammy was. 

And then there are the little ones...the two most precious boys in the world. 

Notice how I saw we and us when it comes to the grandkids? I know they're not mine, I am not their mom. But I am super hands on with all of them, I try to be, on purpose. lol. My boyfriend likes to tell me that I am "too close" to the kids and that maybe I need to let them be with their moms alone more often, but that's not for me. Every moment that I can spend with them I will. That's it. It's simple. I don't know how much time of my life I have left, but I do know that there will be no regrets with them as there are with my girls when they were young about not enough time together. When the kids remember me, I want them to remember that I was there every step of the way. 

There's #SoMuchMore to being mom than just the first 18 years of life. From the day they bring that baby to you at the hospital, to the day you leave this earth, you will be mom, cheerleader, judge, many things!

The best gift any mom can receive this Mother’s Day is an expression of love from her children. For this special date, JOHNSON’S® wants you to enjoy those moments and to remember that every touch, every hug, and every smile stimulates your baby’s senses and helps their healthy development. It’s through the power of your loving touch­ you are able to soothe them, delight them, and nurture their developing mind. This Mother's Day don't forget to hug, squeeze and simply enjoy your child! This Sunday I will celebrate the never-ending journey of being a mom. Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mommas out there!

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