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The Memory Keeper

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I don't have a lot of pictures of myself growing up, which has always been kind of sad. Not so much for me to have memories of me being little, maybe more my siblings. I'd love to be able to look back and have a bunch of pictures to look at of us growing up, and moments that we spent together as a family. Maybe because of the lack of pictures of my childhood, I am a bit obsessed with making sure my girls have their memories. I consider myself to be the official memory keeper of the family and it's a title that I take pretty seriously. Whatever the occasion might be, it doesn't have to be anything special either because the moments of everyday life are the ones I really want to capture. I am the person that harasses all the kids and the one they practically run away from when they see me coming because they know I'm going to start taking pictures. I don't mean to be a pest about it, I really don't. One day they will be thankful for all of the moments that I have caught, because I have caught them all! There's going to be silly stuff, fun stuff, and all kinds of memories for them to pour over for hours on end. Then they will realize grandma was the best memory keeper of all. 

Part of always being ready to capture each memory is having a great cell phone ready for spur of the moment shots. Cameras are awesome, but I don't always have my camera on me. There are so many moments that happen when the camera is at home, or in the car and really who wants to lug a big camera around, even a small one. That's why cell phones are so the rage right now, they make everything so much simpler. Capturing video and photos of all those moments are a breeze with your cell, like the Alcatel Evolve 2 that's only $39.83 at Walmart. Pair it with Walmart Family Mobile's $29.88/month (for the first line) Unlimited Talk, Text & Data service plan, plus $25 starter kit,  and you can take as many pics as you want and send them to everyone.

The Alcatel Evolve 2 makes a neat little starter phone for your little ones or someone who is looking to get into their first smart phone. And it really has a great camera that is perfect for memory keeping. 

Don't be afraid to be the pesky person always taking pictures and video, you're going to get so much back in return. Visit Walmart to check out the Family Mobile plan and low priced phones, so you can share all those memories with no data overage worries, ever. Who is the officially memory keeper in your family?

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