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Add a Pop of Color & Style to Any Room

Spring and summer are all about bright pops of color and lively decor. We're hoping to move at the end of the year so as much as I would love to buy new furniture and decorations, it's not a good idea. Instead I am adding small pops of color and cure designs to each room in a very simple way. With Kleenex Perfect Fit  cylinders, which I purchased at Sam's Club, I can give my rooms some fun pops of color and the cute designs add a little bit of extra charm to each space. 

I love these Kleenex Perfect Fit cylinders, how cute are they? There's plenty of room in my place, but imagine how many tight spots you can put these in? These are great for small apartments, studios, dorm rooms and so many other tight spots. They also look really cool in regular rooms because of the great design!

I popped a Kleenex Perfect Fit  cylinder right next to the bed. 

I placed another one on the table next to my reading chair, one in the bathroom and another in the living room. As an allergy sufferer I have easy access to Kleenex in every room and they look good too. 

Find Kleenex Perfect Fit  cylinders at Sam's Club until June 31st. They look so good in each room that you'll want to stock up!