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What's In My Day Clutch? #DASANIdrops

This post is in partnership with Dasani and Target.

My weekdays consist of me running around like a mad woman with her head chopped off. I literally am up before 6 dropping older kids off to work and then running back and forth getting the children ready and off to classes. During the hours that everyone is at work and school is when I have the time to run errands and fit in as much work as I possibly can. Some days, I get a lot done, and then there are days that I swear I only mark one or two things of that darn to-do-list. 

Because I am constantly on the go, I need to have a little bag of things to take with me so that I can survive the day. This Tarte Cosmetics clutch is literally my life saver, and every morning I fill it up with little things that will keep me going. Most times I never get back home before 6, so I know that when I leave, I have to be prepared. 

This is what I carry in my survival clutch: 

I don't do makeup touchups during the day besides some powder for shiny moments and reapplying my lipstick/gloss of the day. I am not one of those girls that carries the entire makeup bag with me, seriously, who  has time for that?

Antibacterial is a must for me. I even have a few bottles in the car. I am obessive about clean hands. 

I also try to always have a snack with me. It's very rare for me to have time to stop to enjoy an actual meal during the day, I like to throw in a granola bar or even a candy bar. Hunger is not a nice thing and then that's when the meanie comes out. 

A Revo Chocolate Covered Strawberry Balm is also always in my bag. I know that I am not 10, but I love me some flavored lip balm. 

I am not a huge soda drinker, but I am a lover of all things sweet tea. Unfortunately sweet tea is very high in calories and sugar, so to cut down on those drinks I have a little bottle of DASANI DROPS® Infusions to enhance my water bottle. Am I the only one that finds it almost impossible to drink plain water? I can't do water alone, but these little drops give it some flavor and are helping me with that daily water intake. I don't know about you, but i'll take my water enhanced!

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